Going Public

As a former volunteer counselor at a “Christian”

pregnancy resource center, I have grown to dearly

love and cherish my clients and the staff, making

it hard to privately confront heretical issues, shake

the dust from my feet and warn publicly, but zeal

and love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has

consumed me.  I have agonized in prayer day and

night, earnestly seeking God on what to do w/ what

He has continued to confirm repeatedly thru His

Word, that when hypocrisy and heresy threaten to

undo the liberty of the gospel, harms others and

destroys truth, believers must follow Jesus and the

apostle’s example.

According to Gods Word, as the body of Christ we

are to be the guardian and pillar of truth, the salt and

the light.  Although salt burns an open wound, it

purifies.  If we lose our seasoning, we are good for

nothing and will trampled on and spiritually raped

by the heresy of our day.  The correction of false

doctrine and practice in the New Testament was

always publicly addressed because it was a public

offence, spreading like cancer and shipwrecking the

faith of many, just as it does today.

My heartfelt prayer is that genuine public repentance

and renewal of true Christian fellowship will result

from bringing to light what was hidden in the darkness,

so that the grievous wounds of heresy within the

Christian arena can be healed and cleansed by the

Light of Jesus Christ, who is the Truth.  May He be

glorified by the work He has ordained for us to

walk in.

2 thoughts on “Going Public”

  1. New Year’s day—2013—It’s been a little over a year now since I stopped volunteering at our local (heretical) pregnancy center, and I can truly say God has brought me such a long way. I have finally found peace in my Lord Jesus Christ and He is teaching me more each day how to follow Him the narrow way and to seperate from the broad way to destruction most of the world is treading.
    He deserves all the glory and I’m just honored that He has counted me worthy to suffer for His name sake.

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