Integrated Invasion

I’ve been staying up late to watch the “Wretched” show.  Todd Friel is hot on the trail of Bill Johnson lately and the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).  He explains how we all have our problems within our churches, but that this movement within Charismania has gotten way out of hand.  Todd has been encouraging all charismatics to get aggressive against the blasphemy that’s occurring w/ in this movement.

Being a charismatic, non-cessationist myself, I take that exhortation very seriously.  Every time I start feeling I can rest a little, my conscience is once again prodded to do something to defend God’s truth against these heresies invading mainstream Christianity.  Even my local area is being invaded.

In the local newspaper the other day, I noticed the local “River” church (a confessed branch of Bill Johnson in Redding), was listed.  All the other church listings were under “Baptist,” “Methodist,” etc.   But the River was the lone wolf (pun intended) under the heading of “Family Integrated.”  And I thought about that for a while.

Isn’t it natural that when Christian churches begin to “integrate” religions outside of biblical Christianity into the fold, pagan practices will begin to invade the Church and the outreaches funded by compromised churches?  Absolutely!

This is exactly what I experienced at our local pregnancy resource center where I have been counseling.  Sadly, the center has actually become a catalyst for cultic churches.  When I tried to gently reason w/ them, they became extremely vindictive.

I’m not giving up on them, but I can no longer join w/ them in a common cause “sacrificing truth on the altar of unity.”  I have come out to bear witness to the truth, suffering outside the camp, with my Savior Jesus Christ, who suffered and died for me.

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