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Pagan Origins Argument

This was a “Dear Editor” letter I wrote for the local paper in order to address a pagan origins argument, but also in hopes of sneaking in a refute toward our local Word of Faith/River cults that are spreading corruption like cancer.  I’m hoping this will inspire others to do the same in their own home towns thru the local newspaper.  Just think of the thousands of people who will read it and possibly come to their senses so that perhaps God will grant them repentance.

Have some fun as you read this and see if you can spot these sneaky little seeds I’ve sown for the Lord.  I know “sneaky” doesn’t sound very godly, but rememeber Jesus said to be wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove. We live in a time where we have to be very clever or else we will never be heard.
Dear Editor,
Since Christmas is just around the corner (another “supposed” pagan holiday), it seems necessary to address the pagan origins argument made by one of your contributors. This is obviously an issue many Christians seem to be struggling with, so perhaps it would help to evaluate whether or not we are still observing certain days in a pagan way, or “doing all that we do unto the Lord?”
God’s Word seems to address this very clearly in Rom. Ch. 14 by simply revealing that faith is the real issue when it comes to disputable matters. For instance, vs. 5 states that “one person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind.” Then vs. 6, “He who observes the day observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it.” Verses 22-23 especially address the faith issue. So it seems that what we have here is not an issue of whether or not a certain day has pagan origins (even names of weekdays have pagan origins), but rather an issue of how we are observing certain days and whether our present observance of any holiday is compatible or incompatible with Scripture.
From this biblical perspective, (rather than mere opinions or origins arguments) perhaps a clarifying distinction can be made between a right and a wrong observance of any holiday. And although true Christians realize the importance of a clear conscience toward God, it has been largely ignored that this can only begin by reconciliation w/ God by His free gift of grace, thru faith in His Son Jesus Christ. In fact, there’s no point in addressing any of this unless this truth is first established. Without regeneration and revelation by the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t matter how much one “claims” to have a personal relationship w/ Jesus, how many commandments are kept, how many good works are produced or how well one “follows their heart.” God says in Jer. 17:9 that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, so that only God can change it by granting faith in His Son and the sole authority of His Word, whereby He is exalted and glorified, rather than man and his natural resources.
Judge among yourselves; is God glorified when Jesus is presented as just a model of behavior or a mascot for a religious holiday that’s worshiped only once a year? Does it exalt God when His Son is depicted by false teachers as just another man empowered by the Holy Spirit, rather than God in the flesh? Does it bring God glory when He is misrepresented in any way on any given day?
Unfortunately, one such misrepresentation is when well-meaning Christians call Halloween “Satans Day.” God’s Word makes it clear that He is in complete control and every day belongs to Him. Satan is limited and has no dominion whatsoever, for God has placed Jesus in that position (Eph. 1:21, etc.). In fact, no day is evil in itself, but only “evil” in the sense that some people misuse the days that God gives them, as an occasion for evil. Fortunately, we live in a country free from any mandate to celebrate evil. In retrospect, we are also free from any Scriptural mandate to celebrate any certain holiday if we choose not to. Either way, “This is the day the Lord has made; we can rejoice and be glad in it.” (Ps. 118:24)
So perhaps we just need to examine ourselves to see if we are really in the faith. Are we flying around on a broomstick, trying to superstitiously “speak things into existence” or communicating w/ the dead on Halloween? Or are we handing out Bible tracts, communicating the gospel, showing hospitality to possibly misled children who end up on our doorstep? On Christmas are we running around like chickens w/ our heads cut off, focusing on material things and taking part in unbiblical practices that distort Gods true nature and character? Or are we glorifying the Savior who died once, for all the elect, who is now at the right hand of the Father in heaven—– the One who said “It is finished.”
Sincerely— Lee Anne Ferguson

17 thoughts on “Pagan Origins Argument”

  1. Hi. Lots of thought here to think on! 🙂 I agree that what we do should be to the Lord and on a personal level for the past few years have been gnawing on the Christmas thing. I know history shows Dec 25 as the birth of the sun god Mithra, and the origins of Christmas are quite evil, mardi-gra gone wild without exception, even involving children in sexual orgies, ,this, long ago. The information I came on claimed that Christmas was outlawed in America until 1820 and going from the info, I can certainly see why.

    In the end, we all must make the decision to celebrate the day or not. I wonder if we do, why, because the bible does not give us a date of Christ’s birth to celebrate. Instead, we have taken something unGodly and wrapped it up in pretty packaging to sell of as a reason to believe. For me, it is not, Christmas often brings me sadness and I am beginning to realize the reason is it has no roots in true Christianity.

    For me Halloween is quite evil – again research – and I see no reason whatsoever to observe. Someone made a great point and a scripture that I can’t recall where, but it poses the question as to why we, made new in Christ would celebrate or hold remembrance as the pagans. A hmmmm….moment.

    Keep writing, regardless of what the newspapers will or will not print. God will bring readers here to your blog, where we are able to write uncensored!

    1. Mkayla,
      I’m not sure where that verse is either but I have pondered this verse many times before in my struggle to decide whether to observe certain holidays.
      It’s in Deut. 12: 30-31 “Do not inquire after their gods, saying “How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.” “You shall not worship the Lord your God IN THAT WAY; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods.
      Something to really pray about, that’s for sure huh!!

  2. I’ve learnt something in my short walk with God, and that is: “All things were made by HIM, and without HIM nothing that was made was made.” This does not mean that the devil cannot corrupt, in fact, the more the devil bends over backwards to corrupt a thing, the more valuable it is.
    In relation to Christmas, I do not think that choosing an arbitrary day to celebrate the Birth of our Lord is wrong. I do believe that the problem is because Christians do not know how to celebrate. We need to show the world that God made celebrations, and that they are doing it all wrong. Forget the seemingly pious statements of ‘sober reflection,’ and ‘quietness in spirit,’ These things should be in Spirit, and go side by side with the kind of unbridled joy i’m talking about. Look at every depiction of Heaven in the scripture, you find elaborate celebrations.
    I agree that while we are on earth, our joy may sometimes be dampened by circumstances around us, but this joy MUST still find expression.
    Look at Christ! I’ve never read a place where Jesus was concerned about the importance of some days. In fact, His great dispute was when some days were overly elevated. I think we should do the same and should’nt be making such a big deal about something so trivial. I’d even say that this great controversy was brought by Satan to confuse us and get so worked up about if Christmas is right, that we forget its true meaning, which is the same as getting so caught up in the chicken and food for the season preparations.
    This does not mean that Christmas is overly important, I myself do not see the need for a day to celebrate the Lord’s birth, after all, he is born everyday in the hearts of new believers. Jesus is more interested in YOUR relationship with HIM on a personal level, not about whether we got the date of His birth right.
    The freedom to say this comes from realizing all days are the same, made by God, and to be cherished as a gift from our Father to us. It comes from seeing that God is a God that loves celebration, and that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

  3. Let’s see, false teachers calling Jesus just another man empowered by the Holy Spirit and not God in the flesh. I wonder who you would be talking about? That wouldn’t be Bill Johnson, would it?

    1. There is a balance in Christianity. Jesus Christ is fully God, that is why we worship him. But He is also fully man, which is why he is an example for us.
      Paul writes: We have one God, and one mediator between God and man, the MAN Christ Jesus

      To grow as chrsitians, we must believe both these truths.

  4. True, Jesus was/is both. But sadly, many emphasize His humanity over His deity just so they can believe they can do the same miracles of Jesus.
    Bill Johnson wants people to believe Jesus was just another spirit empowered man who lost His divinity and had to be “born again” in hell to atone for our sins. This is blasphemy and distorts Jesus’ blood atonement on the cross.
    Paul said, “God forbid that I should glory, except in the Cross of Jesus Christ”

    1. There are two extremes on this issue, both please Satan very much. The first extreme emphasizes the humanity of Christ more than His Deity, the second extreme emphasizes His Deity over His humanity. Both extremes produce weak, immature Christians. I’m from the extreme that talks a lot of His deity, but rarely of His Humanity, which is why i’m still defeated by sin, as I struggle to grasp the revelation of the Humanity of Christ, and thus, His power to overcome sin.

  5. I’ve never really heard it put like that before. Perhaps we all do need a deeper revelation of His humanity. Afterall, He ascended back to heaven in the flesh, sprinkling His blood on the mercy seat on our behalf.

  6. Hi, if I may jump in here – jesusfreak155, I don’t think we need to look so much at the two “extremes” of who Jesus was/is. We know that when He came to earth He was God incarnate, being both fully God and fully man. He suffered as a man so that He would understand our sufferings; yet was able to overcome sin and the temptations of satan because He was God and knew the truth. Even when satan tempted him with all things, Christ new better and was able to reject his offerings.

    Sometimes this is hard for us to grab ahold of and we can run in different directions trying to understand it. I think you may gain a lot of help in reading about the Holy Spirit, we can’t leave Him out, in John chapters 14-16 because the Holy Spirit IS Jesus, indwelling true believers as He is Christ with us. He is the one who reveals Christ, who convicts us of sin, who leads us into all truth – many things. These chapters provide some great information. We overcome sin as we follow Christ, it is a process as we grow and as we give ourselves over to Him and His will.

    On another note, as an example, you commented on my blog on the video about the origins of Christmas, but you see, my putting that video up was the result of what I felt the Lord leading me to do. Hosea 4:6 says that His people perish for lack of knowledge. It comes down to questioning all things I practice, what I listen to, watch, read, etc., not just a holiday issue. It comes from the leading of the Lord for purification and it has been gradual over time, but growing in intensity. Many Christians are going in this direction and are questioning these things. Many of us have left churches because of the false teaching, so this is just another step towards our lives being laid down, meaning -what we think is right- compared to what the bible says and what God says is right (or wrong). It is the way of the Lord to lead His people out from the pagans and their practices. We see this time and again in the Old Testament. It is not a matter of religion or legalism, but one of true discipleship.

    1. Yes M’Kayla, but let me correct you. If Jesus overcame sin and temptation because He was God, then we can never hope to do so on earth because we are men. The humanity of Christ is so important that The Holy Spirit dedicated the whole of the book of Hebrews to it. Jesus is called titles He could never fufil if he were God only. He is called the forerunner, The author and finisher of our faith. In another place, it says ‘He learnt obedience through suffering.’ All these things show that even though the Three persons of the trinity are one, they are very distinct.
      On my comment in your blog, God’s people perished for lack of knowledge in the old covenant. Now, that knowledge is more specific. In John 17, Jesus says ‘that they may know YOU,’ which is life.
      I’m from Nigeria where we have more pressing concerns than if christmas is pagan or not. Try telling this to an Indian christian living in the village, or my grandmother in the village, or christians in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and you will see how it sounds to them.
      Sorry if I sound so brute, but that is just how things are. If Christmas is Pagan, as I see it, we are conceding one day in the year to the devil. The devil doesn’t create. Evil can never be the inspiration for good. Whatever you see now as evil was copied from the good that God made. Celebration began with God, it was corrupted by Satan.
      Like I said before, celebrating christmas doesn’t make you less a christian, neither does not celebrating it because of its origins, or any other thing make you more a christian. It is Jesus alone, not Jesus and my perception of christmas. It is very important that you understand that

      Also, How does such knowledge set you free? what does it set you free from? Does it make you freer to serve God? Does it take away guilt? Does it help you see why Christ came? it simply enslaves you to the horrible habit of esteeming one day above others, or below others, when all days were made by God to be rejoiced in. Jesus said that the truth would always MAKE you FREE.


  7. With all that said, I have some dear friends who live nearby, a homeschooling family w/ ten children. They live very differently, kinda like little house on the prairie, off the land, very simple life. But they still celebrate Christmas, but not in a “pagan way.”
    The mom explained to me that they didn’t have a Christmas tree for years because she felt that she had made an idol out of it by caring too much about how it was decorated—that she started feeling like everything had to be a certain way.
    But she said now that she just lets the children decorate it, not caring so much about it looking a certain way, she feels comfortable having a Christmas tree again because it’s no longer an idol to her.
    She also made the point that we can make an idol out of anything—-people, things, even cleanliness can become an idol if taken out of bounds.
    The dad of the family has a more indepth article about Christmas and it’s pagan roots at www. I think it may shed some more light on this debate. God Bless and happy reading and researching—especially God’s Word.

  8. “If Jesus overcame sin and temptation because He was God, then we can never hope to do so on earth because we are men.”

    ????????? Something isn’t hitting me right about this statement!

    1. My husband and I were actually discussing that statement this morning. “JesusFreak” seems to be a new Christian, so lets give him the benefit of the doubt.
      Here’s some of my take on it; Jesus was God—period. He took up residence in the flesh, but not born into sin as we are. He was born into the human bloodline to save those who are His, those who are born into sin because of the Fall.
      Bottom line is—we can never reach sinless perfection this side of glory because we still have our sin nature which can never be redeemed. When we are saved, our spirit is regenerated, not our flesh. At the moment of salvation, God gives us a new heart, but our flesh is unchanged. It is our work on earth to subdue it.
      Jesus didn’t come in the flesh to just show us a model of behavior to follow so that we could overcome sin. But He did come to abolish sin in the flesh, by becoming the perfect sacrifice for sin on our behalf—because we couldn’t and can’t overcome sin. Only thru His blood sacrifice do we have dominion over sin because His righteousness is then imputed to us, whereas the punishment for our sins was laid upon Him. Even though we are undeserving.
      Apostle Paul in Rom. 7 goes over and over this—–wretched are we because we are still in this body of death, but there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.
      Therefore, it is our work on earth to bring our bodies into subjection and every thought captive to the obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ. For it is He who works in us to do His will. Yet our flesh will always be at war w/ our spirit. Jesus wants us to lean and trust only in Him, not our own ability to overcome sin.

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