freewill vs. Sovereignty of God

Who is —“whosoever will” ??

Revelations 21:6 “I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

Revelations 22:17 “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come.  And whosoever wiill, let him take the water of life freely.

Jesus had already preordained those He was dying for. Those chosen of God will have their wills changed by God Himself so that they can “welcome Jesus into their heart” as some call it. God removes the hardened heart and replaces it w/ a new heart to serve Him. He removes the cause of resistance in us—-making His grace truly irrisistible!!

So you see all thru Scripture God makes it clear that His promise of salvation to those who are His is an unbreakable blood covenant (example Heb. 6:17-18). Even Apostle Paul exclaims in Rom 8:39 that nothing can keep us from the love of Christ who died for His own. None who are His will be lost. Jesus Himself explains this in His prayer to the Father in John 17:9…..that He died only for ALL those whom the Father had given Him.  He also proclaims that He prays not for the world, only those who are His.  The whole chapter explains that He does not lose any of them—-none of those Jesus died for will ever suffer God’s wrath in Hell!!! Praise God!!! Any other view would make it seem as though Christ died and shed His blood in vain for those who perish.  That would imply that His blood was not sufficient—–that He was a failure.  God forbid!!!!  God’s grace IS sufficient.  And His grace is the “water of life” that His chosen can take freely….FREEGRACE! 

Some say that His death was hypothetical and would only be applied to those who would believe.  This not only implies that we can conjure up faith and belief with our own natural abilities but also implies that Jesus didn’t die for the sin of unbelief—–it is a sin you know.  His blood covers ALL sins—–even the sin of unbelief.  What a thought huh!!

Did Christ really die for people who would finally perish—-making no Divine provisions for their eternal security??  Absolutely not.    Heb. 7:25—He is able to save to the UTTERMOST those who come to God through Him, since He ever lives to make INTERCESSION FOR THEM. 

I’m overwhelmed by His glory just writing this!!!

John 3:16 makes it clear who the “world” is in this verse—-those who will believe in Him—the chosen throughout the whole world, from every tribe, tongue and nation. This is all for His glory and causes us to truly serve Him w/ godly fear and awe!!!

4 thoughts on “Who is —“whosoever will” ??”

  1. You know that place it says the Lord knows those who are His, therefore let whoever that names the name of the Lord depart from iniquity? Well, a theologian suggested it means that salvation is a door. On the outside, it says “choose God,” and then on the inside, it says “God has chosen you.” But you can’t read what is inside until you get in.
    And, the preordination, or predestination the Bible speaks about is not predestination to be saved or not. If you read further down, you’ll see it is predestination to BECOME like Christ. So, when we get on this train called salvation, there is a ticket with a destination named Christ, where the train is taking us to. Just as you can come down at many stops, many people come down at prosperity, speaking in tongues, prophesy, money, etc. but the destination is Christ. The distinction is not as a result of being able to afford the ticket (good works), or because the train driver knows you (preordination), but as a result of entering the train; because the train is available for everybody.

    Also, God NEVER bends wills. He cannot. He cannot for the simple reason that love must come from the will. You ever wonder why those emotions you have when you become boprn again never take you far? it is because love is a decision, a thing of the will, not an emotion. If love were an emotion, it would be like anger. You can’t be angry always, therefore, you would be unable to love always. But, since love is a decision, like eating, you can love for as long as you want to, and stop whenever you want.
    And don’t be afraid to say that Jesus died for everyone, even those that will never accept Him. A prince is wooing a beggar. If the beggar ignores the prince, who is the real loser? the prince or the beggar girl. You decide.
    If Jesus died for only those who would eventually accept Him, it is no biggie. There is no sacrifice. But if He died for everyone, including me, KNOWING THAT I MIGHT NOT ACCEPT HIM, That is the real sacrifice.
    Again, there would be no battle over the souls of men if Jesus died only for those who would accept Him.

  2. Hey Chijindu—That door metaphor was really cool, I like that, but doesn’t that show that here on earth it looks as though we choose Him, but once we get to the other side of the door we realize He chose us?
    We are predestined to become like Christ—-naturally because we are saved. Salvation IS the only way to become like Him.
    You also made a good point about how Christ is our destination, but some stop at prosperity, etc.
    But let’s take this a step further and confess that some make a stop at Christ for pardon—-besides who would want to go to hell? But we are to go all the way TO THE FATHER through Christ. In Mark 10: 40–when Jesus tells how a position in heaven is not His to give, it’s as if He is saying—–don’t make a stop at me—-go all the way to the Father for He does the absolution.
    John 16: 23 further illustrates this point when Jesus says, “And in that day you will ask Me nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the FATHER in My name He will give you.”
    Now as for God “bending wills,” He doesn’t have to really, for He removes the cause of a resistant will. He makes our will free to serve Him. He chastens us in many different ways because He loves us and because we are His. Does this make sense?

    1. I understand, but if I do not understand anything else, I understand love. Without free will, there can never be love. Why do you think God avoids overwhelming displays of His power, the kind He will display in the end when everyone will say He is Lord? It is because He wants anyone who will follow Him to do so out of a free will. Of course it isn’t right to come to Christ to escape Hell, but face it, A lot of us do. It is when we are in Him, that we find that we entered for the wrong reason, then realign or lives and hearts. Even when God removes the cause of a resistant will, that will can still chose not to follow Him.
      In Rom 9, we find later down in verse 32, that the deciding factor is that SOME SOUGHT RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH, AND OTHERS BY THE WORKS OF THE LAW.
      About predestination to become like Christ, I wasn’t stating an interpretation of scripture, but a direct quotation. Rom 6: 29-30

  3. We need to ask ourselves—–Do I want freewill or free grace? The first puts man in control of his own destiny. The second exalts God’s Sovereignty.
    By helping people to understand their duty to believe, but their natural inability to do so, grips a sinners conscience. This leads people to flee to Jesus—-our only source of hope.
    Personally, I decided to follow Christ at age 15, only to realize at age 33 that I could never be good enough. I prayed to God and said I had tried to do good but never could measure up to God’s standards of good revealed in the Ten Commandments. You break one and all the others are automatically broken—just one—-in a whole lifetime and you’re under God’s wrath. Scary huh?
    But that’s why He gave us the Law—-to show us we need a Savior, because we have all broken it….daily.
    It wasn’t until I reached total despair of my own goodness—that I learned to put my full trust in Jesus as my only hope. I felt at the time that God was showing me I was hopeless and didn’t deserve heaven———-He was—-BUT—-so that He could show me what His mercy was all about. It didn’t seem loving at the time, but it really was.
    I started out having “faith”—-I felt I had the ability to believe. Then over the years I felt it slipping away. It would scare me to death. But that one night (on what I thought was my death bed——due to a nervous breakdown)—-I surrendered to what I justly deserved w/ no hope of heaven—-but prayed—- “God I know you are God, but please help me believe in Jesus. But if You decide to send me to hell, I know it’s what I justly deserve.
    It was kinda like the prayer of that father that came to Jesus to heal his son saying “I believe, please help my unbelief”
    God wants us to see that only He can grant belief in Him.
    All those years——-as long as I thought belief and goodness was in my own power, I was not truly trusting Jesus as my only hope. I finally despaired of my own ability to do anything, and now being much older, I look back and realize this is how God grew my faith. One day at a time He gave me a little more light for my path. Sorry if this is confusing, but it’s part of my testimony of God’s mercy toward me a sinner. Hope it helps put things into perspective.
    You mentioned Rom. 6: 29-30——vs. 30 is definitely confirmation that those whom God justifies—–will be glorified. Their eternity was secured on the cross. The next few vss. are just as beautiful, revealing the destiny of God’s elect—-nothing can thwart His Sovereign will. What He purposed on the cross for the elect, will be fulfilled—-no matter what. Praise Him —-He alone is worthy. Be blessed.

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