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Discernment Column (article 3) on Sozo


Theophostic Prayer:  founded in 1996 by Ed Smith, a Southern Baptist pastor in Campbellsville, KY, who had to adjust his inner healing ideas and pull his suspect training manuals off the market (although he formerly claimed they were revealed by God). This was due to the theological and legal challenges he faced when False Memory Syndrome (FMS) was occurring with clients. Yet, the original hypnotically suggestive approach used in Theophostics is now resurfacing in many evangelical churches and organizations disguised as “Sozo Prayer.”


Sozo:  the Greek word for save, heal or deliver


     It’s a crucial time for God’s people when theological thoughts are being distorted by Theophostic thoughts, where a victim mentality is fostered by emphasizing a need for inner healing of memories and self-esteem boosting rather than the need to be humbled under the mighty hand of God, leave the past behind, take up one’s cross and follow Jesus. But in an attempt to Christianize a man-made system based on false psycho-therapeutic theories of memory, Theophostic thought is invading Christendom under the guise of “Sozo Prayer.” Like all other occult practices, sozo sessions require mental passivity in order to seek truth experientially through guided imagery, visualization and spirit encounters, which is why “Soaking Prayer” (last month’s topic) is commonly used in preparation for sozo sessions. Human mediators are also required, who facilitate “visions of Jesus” so He can supposedly “speak into the pain” to help people forgive the past. But in reality this is where “experiential truth” subtly begins to replace gospel truth and the authority of Scripture.

     Ironically, by trying to put God in a Theophostic box, many are going “off the map,” for Scripture never gives us a pattern for a sozo session and when it comes to forgiving and overcoming the past it only gives us reminders of the gospel (e.g. Col 3:13). For by remembering that although we have sinned against God and deserve hell, He loves us so much, He made a way for reconciliation by sending His Son to shed His blood on our behalf, which is sufficient to humble us into forgiving others. But instead of explaining this simple truth and our need to be granted faith and repentance, sozo sessions put emotional needs above spiritual needs with the help of a different spirit, a different Jesus and a psycho-mystical gospel. For by trying to manipulate Jesus in falsely assuming He will cooperate with an unbiblical process outside of God’s sanction and protection, puts sozo participants into direct contact with occult “spirit guides,” demonic imposters who often pose as Jesus in order to confirm lies that have been implanted through the hypnotically suggestive approach used in sozo sessions.

     This is where discernment is crucial for recognizing the difference between man-initiated encounters and the biblical pattern that confirms; true encounters with God are always initiated and facilitated by Him alone. In fact, the only scriptural references for man-initiated encounters are instances of divination, which is a severe offence and abomination to the Lord, (Lev.20:6, Deut.18:9-14, Jer.14:14, Acts 16:16, etc.). And Ezekiel 13:6-8 perfectly describes sozo sessions, where God condemns conjuring up vain visions of lying divinations while claiming they are from Him and causing people to hope in false confirmation. Colossians 2:18 also speaks against intruding into things not seen and being vainly puffed up by the fleshly mind. For although our God-given imagination can be used to express worship and petition to God, it is never to be used as a way to hear from God, which leads to rank superstition and creates an idol in the mind.

     Jesus, the only mediator between God and man (1Ti.2:5), has not left us to occult devices in times of suffering, for He ever lives to intercede for all who come to God by Him and saves them to the uttermost (Heb.7:25), which exposes the inner healing lie that suggests there are still parts of us that need to be saved by a sozo encounter. For God’s people already have access to pure rivers of living water that flow unto salvation so that they need not drown in a polluted river of “recovered memories,” where undercurrents of spiritual bondage lead to FMS, broken families, fear, depression and a shipwrecked faith. Sadly, damages are so severe that many sozo advocates are now having participants to sign a disclaimer so they will not be held legally liable. So dear friend, due to the fact that Sozo Prayer has made its way to our local area, pray God will grant you a love for the truth (2Thess.2:10), so you will not be deceived and may He grant you the grace, discernment, wisdom and courage needed to walk in Jesus’ steps in becoming an advocate for those who are spiritually abused. 

Sis. Lee Anne 



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81 thoughts on “Discernment Column (article 3) on Sozo”

  1. I absolutely agree, i was skeptic about sozo for awhile now and glad i read more into it before going into a session which is done by my aunt. I will give her my thoughts as well as pray for her to have careful discernment. Thank you, this was helpful! God bless you!

    1. You’re very wecome Jill. I’m so thankful God led you to the truth about sozo before any damage was done. Many today are not that fortunate.
      I pray God will lead your aunt out of that mystical mess into His glorious truth, for only He can do it. The best thing you can probly do for her is pray for her and simply give her the true gospel so that hopefully she will no longer feel the need for extra biblical practices like sozo that only lead to more bondage in the long-run.
      You all are in my prayers.

  2. Can you please put up a post detailing what occurs in a SOZO session and what is said? There are many posts that say it is based on the occult and eastern mysticism but only a few secondhand reports of what is said and done within these sessions.

    The reason I ask is that the Church I attend is starting a personal prayer ministry session based on SOZO. I did some surface research (since I don’t have their materials) and objected against it. Now the ministry leaders are saying I’m wrong in my statements.

    I’m looking for firsthand information/details that I can use to support the suppositions that this practise is not based on God’s Word and that they actively teach new age theology etc.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Shawn,

      It might help to do some research on what’s called “Parts Theory” to get a better idea of what Sozo is about. However, Sozo and other such “inner healing” ministries take it a fatal step further by leading clients to believe that there are “parts” of them that are saved and “parts” of them that aren’t saved and that their “parts” need to be “integrated.”

      You may also want to read my article on Shabar ministry, which is the advanced level of Sozo, which is also completely foreign to Scripture. For example, God’s word speaks of being “regenerated” by the Holy Spirit, not “integrated” by a Sozo mediator (medium).

      Shawn, remind those in your church that there was never, not even once, a demon cast out of a believer in the New Testament. Sozo is mainly “deliverance” from demons, parts, etc. in BELIEVERS.

      Did Jesus cast a demon out of Peter? Or did Jesus simply realize that the devil was trying to use Peters concern for Jesus to plant thoughts in Jesus’ mind in order to try to thwart God’s plan of redemption? This is what these people need to ask themselves.
      Jesus Himself said that the devil had no “part” of Him NKJV or “nothing” in Him KJV (John 14:30). And if we are truly in Jesus, the devil can have nothing in us, no “part” of us. (John 13:8, Luke 11:36).

      I feel I also need to explain how Sozo can actually cause “split personality.” All a sozo counselor has to do (and many do) is ask a client something like this: “Do you ever feel there’s a “part” of you that wants to do this or that? Naturally, the client says something like “Well, sometimes I feel there’s a part of me that wants to do this or that.”
      So then the counselor may ask something like, “If that “part” of you had a name, what would it be?” Then the client may answer something like “anger” or “sadness.”

      Now here’s the real kicker!

      Then the counselor may say ask a little something like this, “Can I speak to “anger” or Can I now speak to “sadness.” And as soon as the client speaks, it is assumed by the counselor (and the client by the way), that a different personality is now speaking or a demon has surfaced.
      The client, at this point falls for the suggestion that they have “Dissociative Identity Disorder.”
      or Multiple Personality, or worse yet, demons.

      Sozo is so confusing for clients that they are not sure if they have “parts” they’ve never known about, or worse yet, demons with names such as “anger” or “sadness,” etc.

      Shawn I pray that God will enable you to help others discern the evil behind Sozo and other such inner healing practices.
      Let me know your progress.
      God Bless,
      Sis Lee Anne

  3. Thanks Lee Anne,

    I really appreciate the response – I find this very helpful. I’ll look into “parts theory” as you have recommended.

    What I’m really hoping for is access to their teaching materials or a video post whereby they reveal what it is they actually believe and teach (they probably don’t make it easy for us by saying, “we believe in parts theory” right?). I’d love to be able to use their own materials to investigate their claims and balance it against God’s Word.

    I once thought that Christian’s could maybe be demon possessed. Secretly I was afraid that even though I was a Christian, I might be demonicaly controlled. I’m glad that God brought some good teaching my way that snappend me out of the un-Biblical way of thinking.

    I also took time while preparing my concerns for our church ministry leaders to look into Bill Johnson. I’m horrified at some of the things he’s said. I saw one video where he said something similar to, we should never allow theology to overcome what we beleive God to be. Yikes! Also he said in a recent interview that Jesus had no divinity when born and did all his miricales as a man (a Nestorian teaching from 428 AD). sucks for us right, becuase if Jesus the man and not Jesus the God died on the cross for our sins, then we have no atonemenet of sin. Huge heresey right there!

    Anyway – thanks again and if there is a post on here or somewhere on the web where someone details exactly what goes on in a SOZO session, I’d love to read it so that I can prepare myself to continue comeing against what, so far to me, is looking a lot like occultic and new age theology with Jesus’ name slapped on it.

  4. Shawn, I’m grateful the Lord has been preparing you to confront those you’re concerned about. I pray He also prepares you for the interrogations and subtle persecutions that will inevitably come your way.

    Just always try to remember that you’re not coming up against flesh and blood, but powers of darkness.

    Standfast in the Lord, be courageous and strong in the power of God’s might, for only He can change hearts and draw people away from the psycho-mystical “guru Jesus” and back to the true Savior of our souls. Stay in touch and God bless.

  5. Shawn

    Read the book Freedom tools by Andy Reese. It is a whole book about the sozo process. You can download it from amazon. It has a few role playing sozo examples that will give you a great idea of what happens in a sozo session. I know there is a detailed example sozo session n the appendix. I hope it helps. May Gods mercies be on you as you confront ths junk. I’ve confronted it and it isnt easy.

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thanks for this info! And you’re right, it’s not easy to confront this junk!! But God is faithful and will lead those who are His out from among these wolves.

      Glad to hear from another soldier of the Lord. Keep standing for the true gospel and never back down!!

    2. Thanks Amy. Were you able to succcessfully confront and bring about a change? Any tips beyond getting the book (thanks for the hot tip – I appreciate it!)?

      I don’t want to see others harmed by this or exposed to teachings based on new age etc.

      In Christ.


      1. Shawn,

        A church in our area started up a Sozo group and i was one of many to have confronted the church, pastor and elders to no avail. It’s so amazing that people can’t see the truth. Many have left the church over it, but they are pressing forward. May God be with you as you stand up for truth!

  6. Thanks for sharing Amy.
    It truly is frustrating when people outright ignore the warnings in Scripture and those who stand for God’s word.
    The only explanation for such blindness is that God has not yet shined the true gospel into their hearts (2Cor.4:3-7).

  7. Hi All,

    I’m not going to leave our Church no matter what they beleive – I would have in the past, but here’s my take on that. If what they practise is wrong – why not stick around and let God use me to challenge and help bring light? They don’t need to agree with me, they just need to provide “the reason for their faith.”

    I’m in the process of writing up an extensive background on the program from what I can find on the net (I’ve also asked to borrow a teaching book and they are trying to get me one). I’ll then share it with you guys (if interested).

    Truthfully, there are some good parts from sozo – such as forgiving others and confessing sin. But the other parts are not based on God’s Word – and this is how the devil operates – take a little bit of truth, add some deception, wrap it in Christianese and boom – new teaching. Bit like the pastor that recently got done for having women strip down naked in his office – the reasoning was they were to bare all to God and not keep any part of their lives concealed – after all, didn’t Saul strip naked in front of Samuel and then lie on his back while prophesying? So sad that as a body of beleivers we are so focused on the emotional aspects of encountering God that we have neglected what He has already given us, His Word!

    I aim to stick around becuase when I was exposed to false teaching, I would have wanted others that knew about it before me to stay in the Church and challenge it. I’m not saying any of this to judge you guys (you all rock!) – just letting you know that I’m not leaving – I’ll have my say and provide my 2 cents to anyone that asks – I won’t be run around the Church trying to throw oil on the flame – but I’ll hit my knees in prayer and seek God to move their hearts.

    I thank God I found this blog and that you guys have so willingly opened your lives to me and been so willing to share – I sincerely appreciate it! Please keep praying for me and the situation when you remember – any change needs God’s wonder working!

    In Christ and blessings to you,


  8. Shawn, others have tried to stick around also until it became so unbearable that they had no other choice but to leave. However, I hope that won’t be the case with you, but since you are determined to stay I realize you need prayer more than ever.

    Just make sure you have the whole armour of God to stand against these powers of darkness, for without God’s protection you too will fall prey to the error of their ways.

    You may find that the time comes that you’ll have to “come out from among them and be seperate.” But hopefully by then, you will have at least rescued others from the fire. God willing.

    And yes, we would love to hear from you on the progress that’s being done and on any extra info. you can gather for us. Thanks and God bless friend.

  9. Thanks Lee Anne!

    You know a good way to not worry about having to put on the armour? Never take it off 🙂

    One of the verses that has been a theme throughout my life is: He who thinks he stands, be careful least he fall. I’ll be sure to check what I hear back from them against God’s Word and to “test the spirits.”

    I don’t know if I’ll have anything “new” for you (you already know a huge amount more than me!), but I’d like to try and lay it all out with scripture, sources, and then tie the threads together so that others who read it can make their own decisions.

    God bless and thanks again – never could have gotten this far without you and Amy.


  10. You’re right Shawn!! And since God is the only one who can give us the armour in the first place, only He can keep us and give us the power to keep it on.

    Once God gives us a new heart and a new spirit, the weight of His word keeps our hearts tender and humble before Him.
    But if we as believers become hardened through sin, false doctrine, bad company, etc. He chastens us so that we won’t be condemned with the world.
    Not that He takes the armour away, but He teaches us to remain broken before Him so that we will always look to Him to mend us.

    I’m not sure what all your church is into, but considering that they’ve introduced Sozo, warrants an investigation into what may be a foundation built upon a faulty view of salvation, which is at the root of all heresies.
    What you find may surprise you, but standfast in the Lord and never lose sight of the cross.

    Jude 24, 25 “And now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, And to present you faultless, before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy,
    To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, Be glory and majesty,Dominion and power, Both now and forever, Amen.

    1. Hi Lee Anne, Sorry to get back to you so late – I’ve been knee deep in putting together a draft backgrounder on Sozo etc. I saw your response to me on the other website, thank you so much for sharing your heart and experience – I really think your testimony can help others. I had a small request, if I may? I’m looking for others to critique my work prior to posting. It’s kind of like a peer review, if you will. I really want to ensure that: My doctrine matches God’s WordI’m not misrepresenting Sozo by making unsupported or outlandish claimsI make clear connectionsI cite other’s work correctly Do you think this is something you might be open to doing? I warn you – it’s 17 pages worth 🙂 Thanks Lee anne and look forward to hearing from you. Shawn

      1. Hi Shawn,
        I’m thankful you are putting so much time into researching this. I’d be honored to at least look over it before you post. Just really pray about it. I’ll be in prayer too. This is serious business and not to be taken lightly. I know you’ve considered trying to be neutral in writing an objective critique, but try to remember that exposing error and proclaiming the gospel are two aspects of the same task. While exposing these unbiblical practices you will also be comparing them with the true gospel, which is anything but neutral!!
        By God’s grace, make sure your soteriology (salvation theology) is airtight!!

        1. Hi Lee Anne,

          I hit reply to you via my email account and it posted my email address – are you able to edit that out please? thanks!

          I’m adding a bit more information that I stumbled across yesterday (Aiko Hormann) and hope to be completely finished as a first draft by the end of the weekend.

          What is primarily important to me is that I use reasoned arguments, based on scripture, that allow the reader to form their own conclusions. Too many of us don’t check out the veracity of what we are taught – makes for lazy Christians and easily deceived.

          God bless!


          1. Sorry about that Shawn. I’ll go back and just take that whole comment off if I can’t just remove the email address. I look forward to reading what you have pieced together and hope it helps many to escape the snares of sozo. Thanks for all your hard work. God bless.

            1. Hi Lee Anne,

              Thanks for taking off the comment and email address! 🙂

              I met with my Church leadership last night to discuss Sozo as the basis for their own prayer ministry, turns out Sozo is a bit like the Forrest Gump box of chocolates, you never know which you’ll get. The implementation of the program differs from Church to Church based on their own basic belief systems.

              For example, my Church does not support or endorse “Inner Healing” (big I, big H – Agnes Sanford), but they do endorse inner healing (wholeness, fullness, maturity in Christ). As I suggested to them, they may want to come up with different terminology – “inner healing” has specific concepts in Christian circles and just hearing that term out loud may mean different things to different people (it did to me!).

              Also, terminology in the Sozo manual (which I have yet to get a copy of – $40 is a lot of $) is, apparently, differently used. So for example, it was reported to me that when they use the term, “divine editing” in the manual, what they mean is that we should understand that God is/was always with us even when we go/went through hard times. We should not, therefore, feel as though God is/was unmindful of us or uncaring – kind of more in line with Romans 8:28. They seek to have people change their thought patterns (Romans 12:2) to ones that match with biblical truths, not with our own perceptions of reality.

              Other Sozos, of course, may take divine editing to the fullest extent as meant by Aiko Hormann – bad memories taken out, good replacement “memories” added in. Anyway, I look forward to providing you with my research so that you can undertake your own critical evaluation and point out any errors in thought, theology, sources.

              In Christ!


  11. And herein lies the danger Shawn. Noone should ever be allowed to say one thing but mean another, which is very deceptive. No matter how much Christian terminology we try to tack onto an unbiblical practice, it is still an unbiblical practice.

    This is always the beginning of compromise that opens the way for doctrinal laxity.

    Sozo is just one result of a perversion of terminology that attempts to bridge the gap between biblical and unbiblical. Agnes Sanford used the same process to pass her “form” of Sozo.

    The psychological terminology of “changing thought patterns” is equivalent to “behavior modification” modules that have been marginalizing and replacing the gospel for years.

    Inner healing or healing the “inner child,” which ever way it’s sliced, is completely foreign to Scripture. There’s not only a terminology problem here, but a confusion of theology.

    This is where salvation comes in. Our struggle is with sin, but secular modules would rather call it something else. When we are a true Christian there is an ongoing battle between our flesh and our regenerated spirit (Gal.5:17).

    The Holy Spirit guides us into THE truth, which is the gospel, whereby we are called to repentance and faith in Jesus’ finished work on the cross on our behalf (John 16:13).

    Yet, “truth” according to Sozo programs, is the revealing of “inner feelings,” felt needs, traumas, emotions, self-esteem issues, “inner lies,” etc.

    Sozo terminology may change from one program to another, but the basic premise is still there. And this involves more than just a category shift, it’s a gospel shift that provides a substitute for the biblical means of grace.

    Shawn, your church needs to be reminded that God’s grace is sufficient.

  12. Hi Lee Anne, excellent points!

    I don’t know what to tell you. I had a great meeting. They had not heard of Agnes Sanford before, they read the links I provided and thought she was off base, too. They also said that in reading the Sozo manual that some of the descriptions I gave are not contained in the manual and they are not practiced by my Church (visulization, divine editing, parts theory, demonic deliverance of Christians, trigger mechanisms, memory healing, Shabar). They use the four doors, presenting Jesus, the wall, and the father ladder – there intent is to get people to confess and acknowledge wrong thinking, sinful actions, and unforgiveness.

    I feel like I did what God laid on my heart to do and now I just pray that God, who cares for His people far more than I ever could, will govern the next steps at my Church. I’ve sowed the seed, so to speak, now it’s up to God to bring the increase in His time.

    On a personal level, you and I are very similar in our impressions of the Sozo program and it’s unbiblical basis. Some of the sources used to develop the Sozo program are, in my opinion, not only unscriptual, but have strong similarities to Sandford’s teachings and those of other religions. I’ve used what information was freely available to try and put together a review of Sozo; how it was founded, where it came from. Yet I have not read any statements from Dawna DeSilva as to where she got her toolkit from – this information is not available on the Sozo website. I can, at best, quote others and develop theories – but without direct evidence from the source, I cannot state as fact that DeSilva based her teachings on Sanford and, therefore, expose such comments to the wider community.

    I’m not saying she didn’t, I’m just saying I haven’t come across it. Perhaps she makes such claims in her teaching manuals? I’ve been doing my darndest to connect the dots – I’m thinking I may yet buy her books just to check out the “horses mouth.” I can state that most of what is taught appears to have no scriptual foundation – but I wanted to go further in my investigation – if there is a link to Sanford I wanted to find it. If the teaching of new age material is included, I wanted to find and expose it.

    Well, you’ll see how deep I was able to go and you’ll also have the citations to peruse it. Most of the info though comes from third parties and other Sozo programs, not from Bethel itself and that, unfortunately, makes my research incomplete.

    1. Supposedly Sozo at Bethel is modeled after spiritual practices that were observed at revivals in Argentina and then they brought it back to America.

      Sozo is not new, the name just changes from one program to another. For instance, Ed Smith of Kentucky claims God revealed Theophostics (Sozo) to him as a new form of counseling, but it was not new.
      The premise is always the same. They will always claim to get to the root of all our problems subjectively and experientially, rather than objectively and biblically.

      The root of all our problems is that we are fallen creatures in need of a Savior and the gospel is the biblical and objective solution. “Lie-based thinking” began in the Garden with the lie that we could be like God and control our own destiny and therefore not need God’s sovereign grace.

      The biblical means of grace for a Christian to overcome the world include Bible study, biblical prayer, fellowship with other believers, etc. But churches that welcome Sozo have somewhere along the line began to believe the lie that God’s grace is not sufficient.

      Shawn you stated:
      “They use the four doors, presenting Jesus, the wall, and the father ladder – there intent is to get people to confess and acknowledge wrong thinking, sinful actions, and unforgiveness.”

      Think of the theological/spiritual implications of this statement. Here we have what’s called the “loaded language” of the cults. Anytime Jesus is portrayed as a healing tool, there’s a problem. And good intentions and “good” results are a form of modern pragmatism that is foreign to scripture.

      Someone can dive off a cliff with the intent to commit suicide, whereas someone with “good intentions” can convince themselves that they are going to fly when they step off the cliff. All they have to do is adjust their “wrong thinking,” (positively confess that they will fly), modify their behavior (sinful actions) and forgive everyone.

      Yet, they still go SPLAT!! when they hit reality.

      Likewise, Sozo leads to a shipwrecked faith that goes SPLAT when it doesn’t pan out.

  13. I never said I thought the use of such tools was valid, I simply noted what they use and the reason they told me they use them. 🙂

    1. Hi Shawn, I understand that, I’m just elaborating on this type of “loaded language,” how it can be very deceptive and how we need to go by clear biblical guidelines that will not allow them to say one thing but mean another.

      We must meekly call it what it is and compare it with Scripture, so that they perhaps will be granted repentance and escape the snare of the devil. That’s the goal, right?

  14. Hi! I’m on the east coast and so been dealing with Hurricane Sandy – back up and running now and, thank God, escaped the worst of it.

    Yes, I agree with what you said above. That has been my point, I’ve told them what I thnk. they have read the information I’ve presented, and now it’s up to God. 🙂

      1. Their reaction was to say that they are not doing the things that I had presented in my “research paper,” i.e. divine editing (the way I had described it), asking people to empty their minds and “contemplate nothingness,” creating a virtual representation of Christ, casting out demons (from believers), healing of memories, parts theory, etc (see my earlier response to you on this).

        They said that they use the first few Sozo tools (as I described in my earlier post) to get “Sozees” to identify any wrong thinking (e.g. “God can’t forgive my sin, it’s too big”), to confess and repent of sin, and to forgive those that have harmed or offended them.

        Like I told them, I wish they would have based their personal prayer model on some other Bible-based program and not on Sozo, but I don’t control that, that’s their call, not mine. The fact that they even read my (at the time, it’s since grown lol) 17 page “paper” showed me that they were at least willing to listen.

        Frankly speaking, I’m more of a “what does unrighteousness have to do with righteousness” kind of guy. I appreciate that some believers are able to pick out the good parts from something and “redeem” it for God’s purpose, but I tend to try and avoid things/teachings that might appear to others as ungodly.

        Anyway – I’ll stop promising to get the “paper” to you since I keep getting thrown off track and will just reach out when it’s done 🙂


        1. Hi Shawn, even more than that, I wished they had based their “prayer model” on how Jesus taught us to pray. I also wish they had based their “program” on the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the “power of God unto salvation” (Rom.16).

          Shawn, one of the reasons I began writing “Theological Thoughts” for our local Good News paper was to show that “lie-based thinking” is based on a false view of the gospel.

          It’s sad that your church is ironically, without realizing it, defeating their purpose by promoting a different gospel that is actually based on “lie-based thinking!

          Only the truth can set us free and the truth is based on the biblical gospel, which gives us a true picture of Jesus and His life, death, burial and resurrection that we may be saved. Not a guru who cooperates with pseudo/psycho-therapeutic processes and programs that inoculates participants against the biblical gospel as represented in Scripture.

          This truly grieves the Holy Spirit and should grieve all true believers.

        2. I’ve been thinking. You may want to check out a local Sozo sight I’ve found. It’s with “Grace Fellowship” in Madisonville, Ky. They have a question and answer section on Sozo. I read thru it and couldn’t believe the denial and justification of such heresy. Their “answers” didn’t even answer the questions people are asking them, but instead diverts their attention to dead-end, rabbit trails that lead nowhere but brain fog and confusion with no biblical substance to back up their claims.

          Sozo counselors often use the story of Peter’s denial of Jesus, to try to prove Jesus was “triggering” and stirring up Peter’s “memory based pain” by way of association. In other words, they promote Jesus as a Sozo counselor in this scenario (wow).

          But they can’t answer the question: If Jesus confronting Peter was a case of Sozo at work, where is the biblical revelation of the childhood memory event that made Peter react with denial???
          THERE IS NONE. The key component in this scenario is missing!! In fact, there’s no underlying incident or teaching in the Bible that even comes close to the premise of Sozo.

          Their premise is hammered home repeatedly but never proven, for the whole theory breaks down due to lack of key components in Scripture. This is one reason they grow to hate those who question and reason.

          Be strong and courageous in the Lord Shawn. You truly have your work cut out for you!!
          Prayers and blessings.

          1. Hey Lee Anne,

            Thanks for the responses and for the additional site reccomendation. Do you happen to have a link you can share? I tried Google and it gave me several different Churches with the “Grace Fellowship” key word in KY.

            Thanks so much!


            1. Sorry about that. It was a link at the bottom of one of their sites. You can go straight to— Thefreedom Look under the section that promotes this CD: “Did Jesus Do and Teach Inner Healing?”
              You’ll find “the three questions” they pretend to answer.

              1. Thank you. No satisfactory answers in their responses and it’s pretty clear that they are grabbing scripture to support their position, rather than having a doctrine based on God’s Word first. As I argue in the paper, it’s a common error made by those in the Inner Healing movement and leads to wrong theology.

  15. So… is: “inner healing” biblical?


    But healing the brokenhearted (Lk 4:18) is; confessing sins to another and prayer for them is (Jam 5:16); casting out demons is (Mk 16:17); setting up godly defenses is (Eph 6:10); speaking prophetic encouragement is (1 Th 5:20); taking thoughts captive is (2 Cor 10:5); releasing the captives is (Lk 4:18); forgiving is (Eph 4:32); seeing a vision from God is (Acts 10:17); renouncing past sinful practices is (2 Cor 4:2); being led by the Spirit is (Rom 8:14); asking God for miraculous input is (Jer 33:3); bearing one another’s burdens is (Gal 6:2); wanting freedom is (Gal 5:1); speaking truth to someone is (Eph 4:15); setting free the oppressed is (Lk 4:18); hearing directly from the Holy Spirit is (Acts 16:7); knowing and saying God is near to the brokenhearted is (Ps 34:18); comforting the afflicted with what God has shown us is (2 Cor 1:4); and… well…you get it.

    Honestly, If another name would help some who fear the whole thing I would be happy to call it Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for all the Bible verses, which point to the fact that THE GOSPEL is all of those things, but Sozo is none of them.

      But the sound of —-changing the name of it to “help those who fear the whole thing” —-seems quite “petrocious.” (pun intended) hehe

    2. Hi Andy,

      If you are the Andy Reese who wrote Freedom Tools – I have included excerpts from your book in my Sozo research. I’ve also received information from Sozo Bethel that I’ll be including. Sozo Bethel notes that your Sozo is “slightly different” from theirs. If you’d like to let me know any key differences from your point of view, I’d be happy to included it in my research.

      Also, if you see this and are willing to respond, the Inner Healing terms/teachings that are in Freedom Tools – I’m assuming you got these from John Sandford, is that correct?

      Thanks so much.

  16. You clearly have no idea what sozo or theophostic prayer are. There is absolutely no zoning out, no leading by the person you’re praying with and no other occultic nonsense you have blathered on about. If people are doing those things in the name of sozo then they also don’t understand! The idea is that a person *thinks* is uses their brain, to remember when they first felt feelings of X. Then they ask God to show them what was the truth there. Ie I was bullised at school therefore noone loves me or cares for me. What does God say? He says he never left us, he always loved us, he made us in the image of God and we are fearfully and wonderfully created.

    What you are saying here is damaging, full of lies, you deliver fear and will keep people from experiencing freedom.

    1. Emily, I am so sorry that you,(like me in the past) have been taken captive by Sozo wolves in sheeps clothing who love to prey upon young, vulnerable young women such as yourself.
      But 2 Timothy 2:25-26 says that if God will grant you repentance, you will be able to recover yourself from this snare where the devil has you doing his will.

      First of all, deceiving spirits have convinced you that true freedom lies in overcoming hurt feelings, etc, whereas the Bible is clear that true freedom lies in forgiveness of sins, which can only be found at the cross.

      You see, God is completely free because He’s completely sinless. Therefore, the more we are able to believe in Jesus’ blood atonement covering our sins, the more free we are, and the more we’ll be able to overcome the sin we still struggle with on a daily basis.

      There’s power in Jesus’ blood, for those it was intended for. The only way for you to know that you’re truly one of the sheep Jesus died for, is by realizing that you’ve truly been granted repentance for your sins and the ability to believe and suffer for His name sake (Phil.1:29, John 10:26).
      This is how Christians know they have the “witness of the Spirit” within themselves (1 John 5:10-13), NOT just because a deceiver has said that you’re His, or just because they’ve convinced you to just “confess” it over and over to yourself until you believe it.
      I’m sorry to break this to you Emily, but that’s not the salvation that God’s word speaks of. I truly pray that you seek the truth, which can only be found in the biblical Jesus, not a guru “Jesus” that poses as an angel of light.
      Sozo is what is full of lies that are meant to do everything but lead you to repentance of your personal sins and faith in the true Jesus. It leads to deeper legalistic bondage and fear than you can imagine. I’ve been there and it’s only by God’s grace that I’ve escaped. Repent for turning to these false doctrines of demons and seek God thru His word and biblical prayer.
      I pray you find true salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, who deserves all the glory—-not Sozo.

      1. There is a great misunderstanding going on here. When I go for and learn about sozo this is what I experience. I meet with a friend who I pray with first. I tell her something that is weighing heavily on me that day. She asks me what emotion I feel, I usually say something like anger, pain, rejection. She asks when I first felt that and another situation in the past normally spring to mind, always something in my childhood. Always a memory I remember, I’m never led there with any words. Then I tell her what I fel then. Let’s take rejection for example. So I felt rejected. That made me feel insecure and scared because I thought I would be left alone. She asks why I would feel that. I remember why I felt it – because I was worried something wasfundamentally wrong with me and therefore I was unlovable. So we pray and ask God to show me the truth about the situation. He says he designed me wonderfully and he has great plans for me and that he was always there with me…or something to that effect. And that literally is it! He speaks, it ALWAYS lines up exactly with his word, I am transformed because my mind has been renewed…please pick it apart and tell me what about that is unbiblical? It is God leading me into repentance or forgiveness or healing. He speaks the truth to me, I am changed and live freely because of it. It is crazy to think that we are not emotional beings and that repentance alone is a cure-all. God is highly emotional, he created us as emotional beings in his likeness. It is scientific fact that our brains retain information we just don’t remember in every day life because we don’t need to, it’s our self-protection or whatever. What about accessing those hurts and letting them heal rather than sweeping them under the carpet and hoping theyll go away? It doesn’t work to pretend germs aren’t there just because the naked eye can’t see them so why pretend emotional scars aren’t there because the damaging situation when they occurred is no longer happening? I see nothing whatsoever in any pages of the Bible that say we aren’t to heal from past hurts. YES we are to leave our past behind us but, unfortunately, our minds follow us wherever we go. So that tells me that the way to leave the past is to deal with it so it no longer affects the way we function and that we realise god’s truth in a situation so we can live freely. He died so we can have the freedom! If something crappy happens to you now wouldn’t you want to know what God says about it so you don’t fall into the trap of deception ‘this is because you’re not good enough, you’re imperfect, you were unwanted, it was your fault’ etc ???

  17. Emily, I understand the ins and outs of Sozo and how “Jesus speaks positive affirmations into your memories” in order to “transform your mind.”
    This is also done in “Parts Therapy” and other forms of “Regressive Therapy.” Sozo is just another name slapped onto an old psyco-therapeutic theory that’s always been meant to replace biblical truth.

    That’s not to say that it doesn’t “resemble” truth in some aspects, because if it didn’t we wouldn’t be so vulnerable to it. Just like a child that won’t swallow something bitter unless it’s sprinkled with sugar. But once that sugar coating comes off, you’ll never want to even get near it again.

    Emily, all I’m trying to do is show you the poison that lies beneath the sugar coating and wet your appetite for wholesome truth —-the Bread and Water of life—-Jesus Christ.

    Because you see Emily, He actually wants us to know we’re NOT “good enough”—“perfect enough”—etc. Because if we were, we wouldn’t need a Savior.

    We’ve all broken God’s standards. In fact, the purpose of His law was to hold it up like a mirror to show us how filthy and lost we really are. And a mirror can’t cleanse you, it only shows that you need cleansing.

    The God given glimpse of the weight and curse of the law (which we’ve all broken) sends us to the cross for cleansing. Yet the goal of Sozo is just the opposite. It seeks to convince you that you’re not cursed, that you are “good enough” etc. Whereas the true gospel reveals that there’s nothing but the blood of Jesus can redeem us from the curse, cleanse us from our sins and make us presentable to God.

    Unless this happens we ARE rejected and deserve to be sent to hell by such a holy God. But God the Son came to reconcile His people back to God the Father. On the cross He actually reconciled His people back to Himself.

    It wasn’t a hypothetical blood atonement based on our works or “decisions for Christ.” It was an ACTUAL atonement based on Jesus’ perfect merits alone, NOT ours. Again, we’re NOT perfect, we’re NOT “good enough,” we DESERVE rejection and an eternity in hell.

    BUT—God in His mercy has an eternal plan of redemption. He sent Jesus to die the death we deserved so we could return to Him. And Jesus’ blood atonement is effectual for those it was intended for, because Jesus said in John 10:28-29 that they shall never perish or be plucked from His Fathers hand.

    Those who die and go to hell were never part of this eternal plan of redemption, or else Jesus died in vain.

    Emily somewhere along the line, you’ve been deceived into believing you can’t put your trust in an atonement that’s not effective and allows some He died for to go to hell. That’s a doctrine that’s meant to shipwreck faith in His blood and that leads to things like Sozo to try to fill the void. It limits the effectualness of His atonement and makes it look like we have to meet God halfway to make it effectual. Jesus said “It is finished.”

    Jesus obtained all the spiritual blessings (including faith, etc.) that His people need, so that they have no need to “apply it to themselves”—–the Holy Spirit applies it in His time. He initiates it, He performs it (Phil. 1:6).
    Sozo is man initiated, man centered and man-mediated. It’s a false gospel that’s blasphemous and insulting to God. It can’t save anyone and if you’re truly believing it, you need to repent and believe the true gospel that God is so graciously presenting to you today. I pray you do and may God be glorified.

  18. Emily, as for painful memories, I feel I also need to stress that the only way to overcome all the pain in this fallen world is for God to not only grant you freedom thru repentance, but also by granting you the eyes of faith that can get a glimpse of His sovereignty in it all.

    Let’s take Joseph for instance in the Old Testament. He told his brothers (who had sold him into slavery) that they meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.
    In other words, although the bad things that God allows to happen to us are done by “wicked hands,” (Acts 2:23), He has a purpose for it.

    Not that God instills evil in people, He doesn’t have to, it’s already there. But He does set times and bounds on their evil. He directs their steps so that they still (unknowingly) fulfill His purposes (Jer.10:23).

    There is no “purposeless evil.” And God has set limits on evil according to 2Thess.2:7. All things happen for a reason, and they happen for good to those who are His (Rom.8:28).

    Just remember God’s will is perfect, ours isn’t. And despite all the suffering in this world, His will—WILL be done. So we might as well submit to it, cry for mercy and give Him the honor He deserves, rather than to those who try to pervert His truth.

  19. Hi Lee Anne,

    Well it’s taken me forever and a day, but I’m finally at the point where my Sozo research is reasonably good enough to share and get feedback on (prior to posting it online). I still need to do a lot of editing, but if you are still interested in providing your input and critical assessment of the material, I’d still appreciate it.

    It’s in a Word document, so what’s the best way of getting that to you?

    Thanks so much.


  20. Hi Lee Anne and Shawn
    I would love to read your research Shawn, as I am in the same position at the place where I worship. Where could I access it?
    Thanks to the both of you for your posts.

    1. Blessings to you too Christina on your search for truth. Shawn has done some very interesting (and thorough) research on Sozo and those harmed by it, as well as some of its origins, which has many occult roots.

      Theologically speaking the roots may go back even further to the heretical teachings of Pelagianism in the fifth century. There are many similarities and most churches today are at least “semi-Pelagian.” So you may also want to do some research in that area to see whether your church has some similar, heretical beliefs.

      Naturally, any church that has as it’s main focus, man and his works, rather than Jesus and His finished work on the cross will be more open to practices such as Sozo because it’s man-centered, man-mediated and man-made all the way.

    2. Hi Christina,

      As Lee Anne noted, I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible in the research but it’s not yet ready for public consumption. I’ve asked Lee Anne and several others to fact check and ensure the research is fair, balanced, and sound prior to posting online. I also need time to look at the responses I receive and how best to work them into the paper should they fit – believe you me – I had tons more of research material but was forced to cut it for size reasons.

      Hopefully if the work is good enough, Lee Anne will consider linking to it when it goes online. I must say it was Lee Annes blog that initially perked my interest in learning more. As I started to look at other comments (both pro and con) I really thought there needed to be more published online about how Sozo all started and what it teaches – it’s been a fun (and long) ride.

      Thanks so much.


      1. Hi. I’ve just been in a discussion with someone about SOZO, not knowing much about it, then I found this blog. Thanks for making the connection to Theophostic prayer. Wow, this stuff keeps morphing…. Shawn, would you mind sending me the link to your research article? I’m dealing with a lot of folks falling for mystical stuff: contemplative prayer, Tibetan Buddhism, reiki, etc. for years now. So I started my own blog/dictionary type thing,, which stands for Watch Out That No One Deceives You. thanks again. It’s so refreshing to see you guys alert and sticking with the scriptures for truth. Bless you! (ps. I’m also Lena Wood, author of Elijah Creek and the Armor of God. Wear that armor, people. = )

        1. Hi Jenna, nice to meet you. As I noted in my response to Christina above, hopefully if the work is good enough, Lee Anne will consider linking to it when it goes online. So in other words, watch this space! 🙂

  21. The below came to me just today in an email regarding praying for a physical healing for a friend who is battling a back issue. I had run in to Theophostic philosophies just the other day while researching Keswick Theology.
    I was sent the below just today I wanted to research it a bit more, this is how I found my way here on your blog.
    Also, my sister just went through a Sozo and took my cousin through it. According to my sister, my cousin is finally past many fears that she has been in bondage to for years. I think they did the Freedom Tools. I already researched the Sozo and warned my sister about it, to be discerning…obviously she didn’t agree with me to stop going.

    Anyway, my question is for the below – does this sound Theophostic or Sozo for physical healing?

    “Prayer seems like a great next step in his journey towards freedom and wholeness. I thought it would be wonderful to gather a group of friends around him, and pray to Jesus for healing. In the time of prayer we will listen to him (my friend) and to Him for how we are to pray 1) for his back and 2) for any places in his heart that He would want to heal as well. Oftentimes in physical ailments there can be “ties” to places in our heart that need healing (out of our story, trauma etc.) It’s exciting to think He knows exactly what He wants to accomplish, we need only lean into Him.”


    1. i am interested to know what you found out about keswick theology. some of the greater missionaries of the past two centuries were affiliated with that. it’s something i have not ever really researched but have had some questions arise about as i have read.

      1. I watched Andy Naselli and then did some research here and there, I found out a lot, still not 100% where I land, since finding I am a mash up of keswick, reformed with a little chaferism thrown in there. Crazy.
        It has humbled me to know that I will never have a 100%, “thus sayeth The Lord” on every doctrine, He is inexhaustible, as is His Word. There is always room for error with our finite minds. I’m keeping this truth on my mind as I research. So I am treading slowly looking to Scripture rather than experiences, but there have been times I know The Lord has directed me via impression or thought or a sense of resolve.

        I appreeciate how Andy Naselli presents his analysis, he is factual and gracious.
        I popped up some popcorn with loads of real butter and enjoyed an evening watching his presentation. I still cannot verbalize Kewick theology, but I did find I have many Keswick books in my library and have been taught a lot of Keswick through my years…and in turn have led others in it.


  22. This doesn’t sound exactly like Sozo/Theophostics, although It could lead into that. A humble prayer for healing is biblical, but the “ties” to places in the heart—-I’m not sure about.

  23. Yes, praying for healing is biblical, but after 5 years with this condition he has not been healed. This email seemed came to me sounding, “Maybe we should try it this way” and see what happens.
    Thanks for your response.

  24. I see what you’re saying. It’s as if they may be thinking the healing is dependent upon them saying the right prayer, etc.
    Truth is, healing is dependent upon God’s will. Obviously it’s not always God’s will to heal. He has a purpose for allowing certain things in our life, that we don’t always understand. But His will is perfect and we should just submit to Him. Like Job when he said, “though He slay me, still I will praise Him.”

  25. Exactly. I think I may be the only one praying this way. His will be done.
    It slipped my mind to mention that at least one person who will be praying follows Joseph Prince, Bethel, and Jesus Culture. I know she claims to have dreams/visions about her praying for people and they are healed.
    In the past I remain silent about all the dreams/visions stuff, but pray as the Word leads regarding healing or whatever the circumstance.
    They will ask for us to “pray in agreement” and I cannot do that with some of these prayers being offered.
    I will pray the Word, in its context, with assurance that the Lord hears and has his plan for my friend.
    I’m just never sure how to respond in the midst of praying with such a group when others go off on these tangents and I’m the one who “lacks faith” or is not “praying with boldness.”

  26. I understand, been there, done that. It’s very distracting being in groups influenced by wolves. Remember Jesus’ words, “I send you out as sheep among wolves, therefore be wise as a serpent, innocent as a dove” (Matt.10:16).

  27. Since we left off commenting about God’s will and healing, I’ve been reminded of how the Word of Faith cult constantly harped on how we should never pray “God’s will be done”—because that supposedly killed faith and meant God wouldn’t answer that kind of prayer. We were taught that it’s ALWAYS God’s will to heal.

    But what I’ve realized recently during Bible study is that they are teaching the exact opposite of what Matt.8:3 teaches.

    Here a man actually comes up to Jesus and says he can be healed IF Jesus is willing. That man did just the opposite of Word of Faith cults and STILL GOT HEALED—-even though he basically said “if it be Your will” HA!!!

    And how can they explain away James 4:15-17?? They can’t.

    The wolves are teaching the sheep to pray their own will, rather than God’s will.

    1. Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. This came up in the book about Agnes Sanford written by Dr. Jane Gumprecht. It’s a teaching that has pervaded nearly every aspect of Chrisitanity. Certainly our faith has some role, but it’s not the be all and end all that WoF makes it out to be.

    2. Yes.
      What ended up happening in the prayer meeting for my friend, was a lot of “prophesying” instead of praying. A lot of commanding and seeing Jesus standing face to face with my friend. Also, binding a spirit that had been attached to a family friend from a generational sin. Also, unrevealed pain in my friend’s heart, to deal with that.
      Even though we were instructed to pray as we were led, we were then instructed to keep it positive. I guess praying for the Lord’s will is viewed as negative. 😦

      A few of us prayed the rest did the commanding and speaking visions or whatever you wanna call it.

      I prayed the truth over my friend as I know it, one of the “commanders” then said, ” facts are not the same as truth. We are praying truth.”
      I was praying God’s sovereignty over the whole situation and that He knows all and has a plan for every thing that touches our lives.
      I’m still not sure what “praying facts” means.

      Anyway, the “commanders” thinking goes like this – since there is no pain in heaven there is no pain for the believer. You are already healed, receive it. Then she was commanded (“I command you”) to not look to the right or left.

      So sad.

  28. Sure signs of the modern day Jezebels who call themselves a prophetess. Dangerous ground.
    Naturally, they hate to hear of God’s sovereignty because they themselves want all the control. They’ve made gods of themselves—-idols of themselves!! And they have no shame in doing so, not yet anyway, but the day is coming when they will blush before God for all their wicked deeds.

    Truthfully, I’m ashamed that I was ever a part of that mess. But God in His mercy has granted me repentance, even though I don’t deserve it.

    It’s amazing how group influence keeps people bound from standing up and walking out, which is what I should have done when the “intercessors” began commanding God. They may have bullied me for a short time, but they sure can’t ever bully God! Because truth IS fact.
    And the fact is, they are being very condescending to you Allie, because you spoke of God’s sovereignty. So obviously they had to try to save face somehow by trying to make you look like the dummy. Typical, because they hate discernment, doctrine and truth.
    Obviously, the truth of God’s sovereignty isn’t their “truth.”

    “for no lie is of the truth (1 John 2:21).”

  29. The thing is, some of these people are precious sweet people who genuinely display the fruit of the Spirit.
    I am staying clear of the “ring leader” and as the opportunity lends itself, I’m suggesting to the others about using discernment and to search the Word for the truth.
    I pray for them, God’s mercy, opened eyes to the truth and His grace to discern the false words spewed out that day.

    1. Allie, I admire your love and patience in that situation. I pray for God’s mercy too and hope that the “evil communications” you are being subjected to will not affect you spiritually.

      1 Cor. 15:33 “Be not deceived; evil communications corrupt good manners.” KJV

      1. It has caused me to call out to The Lord, to pray, to ponder, to research, to dig into the Scripture, so the affect has been positive for me. I am trusting Him.
        In one week I was hit up with, Grace, Kingdom, Hebrew Roots, Theologies. Circle Prayers & Jesus Calling which led to the Keswick research.
        I am on the alert and standing firm.

  30. My ex pastor asked me to go to SOZO because it was required of all in church leadership and I was a youth worker. I did not know what I was getting into when I went. I had to make an appointment at a psychiatrist’s office. The psychiatrist was the dance leader in my church. I was too immature spiritually at the time to understand how twisted SOZO was. This junk is new age spirit healing!!!! The asked me questions about my parents my childhood all kinds of personal stuff. Besides the fact that this is dangerous twisted sick stuff, it undermines Jesus work on the Cross. Jesus alone sets us free, we don’t need to take extra steps to get rid of everything He missed! Sick sick stuff.

    1. I’m thankful God has obviously given you discernment concerning how “twisted” Sozo is. It’s true that “whoever the Son sets free is free indeed” and needs no adding to. Jesus has fulfilled all things—-He said it is finished. His people are positionally free while on earth and eternally free once they’re face to face with Him. In the meantime, we look to Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith and we look to Him in faith, NOT in some imagined, visualized, hypnotic hallucination.

      I noticed you said ex-pastor. Did the church catch on to his wolfish ways or did God lead you out from among the wolves?

  31. Thank you so much for this info!! Sozo prayer is creeping up in my community, and I’d never heard of it before a couple of weeks ago. Do you have a PDF file or something that you could share?

    1. You can also find more info. on the Sozo research site. I’m sorry you are having to deal with this in your community. It can be very damaging to families as well as the sozo counselors themselves, because of the deception they are dealing in.
      Just remember the true gospel is enough and it’s simple, Jesus Christ is God’s Son and He was sent by the Father in love to save those whom the Father has granted mercy. It’s not our works or knowledge about “deliverance techniques” that sets us free, it’s Jesus Christ Himself because of what He accomplished on the cross to pay the ransom for the sins of His people.
      I hope this helps. There’s simplicity in Christ. God bless

  32. Your all deceived, except Emily, good luck as you waste your time warring against that which is of God

    1. Dear “gdf–” (whatever),

      If defending the true gospel and exposing false ones (such as Sozo) is a waste of time, then why waste your time being so threatened by it’s exposure—-why not just come to the truth and be saved? And if Sozo is truly of God, why can no one prove it biblically?
      Do you have biblical backup for your claim? If so, please inform all the deceived people here. We’ll be waiting for your response.

      1. Also as a reminder of the true gospel you may want to read my latest article on Sozo. Just search my site for “Sozo Renamed (again)—“Theotherapy” It goes into deeper detail as to Greek word sozo—meaning to save.
        Only Jesus saves—NOT sozo sessions.

          1. Hi Sis,

            That was the very thing that I found baffling during my own research. So many people would say things like, “this is a biblical/godly process” but when asked to produce sources to verify such claims, they could not do it. During the early part of my asking it was from a more of an inquiry point of view, i.e. “I don’t think I’ve read that, where can I find it in the Bible?” Toward the end I was rather insistent that unless they could produce evidence to support such assertions, they should stop calling it “of God.”

            If you scroll up in this thread you’ll find a comment from Andy Reese, a Sozo author. Andy tells us very definitively that inner healing is not Biblical – people that endorse Sozo should listen to him on that point because he is 100% correct – it was made up by man and it’s not from God.

  33. Thank you for confirming what I already have come to believe re. spooky Sozo stuff. Tragically my husband is convinced it is what will change him and our marriage. He ruined his first marriage with such nonsense and makes ours very very challenging. Please pray that he will know the real truth of The Bible.

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