freewill vs. Sovereignty of God

Freewill—the ability to reject God VS. Freegrace the ability to choose God

 Many today love to harp on human freewill and their ability to choose. We see this in the Garden of Eden scenario where God actually left Adam and Eve to their own freewill choice, but of course with the intention to show them their desperate need for Him. For freewill always has the same devastating consequences of falling for Satans lie that we can be our own god and make our own decisions. But in order to allow mankind to realize the ultimate sickness of sin, God allowed Adam and Eve to actually fall into a state of sin as a result of their own freewill. From the beginning, the garden scenario showed us the futility of freewill and the devastating consequences thereof. It is still prevalent today and manifesting in many different ways. In fact, we see it defining every cult and false religion that exists, for they all exalt man and his works over God and His sovereignty. We also see freewill raising it’s ugly head in the pro-choice movement, which gives the ability to murder unborn babies. We see it in all who pervert, twist and downright deny the authority of Scripture. Why? Because the logical outcome of exalting man’s freewill always leads to the belief that since the Bible was written thru fallible free willed men then the Word must be fallible also. In this they directly deny the biblical doctrine of providence, where God directly intervenes and orchestrates all things for His glory. For this humbling truth is too deep for those who want complete control of their own destinies. This is why freewill of man always leads to Deism, which is the heretical belief that God is just a passive onlooker with His hands tied because He supposedly lost control of everything He made due to man’s disobedience, putting man in the drivers seat. However, according the God’s Word, we have never had control of our destiny thru our works, any more than we have ever had a part in the work of Calvary. It has always been God’s work from beginning (Alpha) to the end (Omega). For Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith (Heb). It is a fearful thing to exalt the freewill of man, for it can only be exercised in accordance with the flesh. Freegrace however, can only be exercised in accordance with God’s sovereign purpose to save. For if we were left to our own freewill, we would all reject God, but He loves His own so much that He overrides our propensity to reject Him. Rom. 6, declares that the flesh is enmity against God, for it cannot receive the things of God. God is the only one who gives the ability to worship Him in Spirit, not in flesh. For even all of our best works are nothing but filthy rags in His sight. There is an eternal plan of redemption by which God has determined to save, through Christ, certain persons whom He has chosen and He freely bestows the grace necessary for them to respond in faith and repentance, not the other way around. This comforts and blesses those who are poor in spirit, for if it was left up to us, we would never effect the regeneration of the Holy Spirit. To think otherwise would be equivalent to believing we can cause ourselves to be born again (regenerated by the Holy Spirit), when Jesus clearly said it is impossible for us, for only God can make this possible (John 3:3).  But know this dear friend—- that we do indeed have “freewill” after we are saved, for only then is our will freed up to choose obedience to God. And it is He who gives us the grace (ability) to overcome any external compulsion to sin, which paradoxically still makes our position one of terrible personal accountability for our actions. However, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ who interceeds for us and saves us to the uttermost (Heb. 7:25). For God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins when we confess our desperate need for Him, because He will not break His blood covenant with those whom He has sealed by it, those whom Christ was a substitute for. God is not a pitiful groveler who begs for our consent, He gets it——and praise His holy name for revealing this to all His sheep who realize their complete inability to believe enough, repent enough or be thankful enough. For He has “helped our unbelief” by not leaving us to believe the lie that we could ever possibly conjure up any of His requirements on our own, for then we would be the most pitiful creatures in existence.  Thankfully we have a God who doesn’t leave or forsake us to our own freewill. And praise God that He has appointed the means of our salvation in the blood of Calvary and given the Spirit to apply the merits of that sacrifice, while quickening our dead spirit that was held captive by sin. For He came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18) and it is His purpose, His power and His glory to do so! and that’s why I glory in His freegrace!!

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