As a former volunteer counselor at a “Christian”

pregnancy resource center, I have grown to dearly

love and cherish my clients and the staff, making

it hard to privately confront heretical issues, shake

the dust from my feet and warn publicly, but zeal

and love for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has

consumed me.  I have agonized in prayer day and

night, earnestly seeking God on what to do w/ what

He has continued to confirm repeatedly thru His

Word, that when hypocrisy and heresy threaten to

undo the liberty of the gospel, harms others and

destroys truth, believers must follow Jesus and the

apostle’s example.

According to Gods Word, as the body of Christ we

are to be the guardian and pillar of truth, the salt and

the light.  Although salt burns an open wound, it

purifies.  If we lose our seasoning, we are good for

nothing and will trampled on and spiritually raped

by the heresy of our day.  The correction of false

doctrine and practice in the New Testament was

always publicly addressed because it was a public

offence, spreading like cancer and shipwrecking the

faith of many, just as it does today.

My heartfelt prayer is that genuine public repentance

and renewal of true Christian fellowship will result

from bringing to light what was hidden in the darkness,

so that the grievous wounds of heresy within the

Christian arena can be healed and cleansed by the

Light of Jesus Christ, who is the Truth.  May He be

glorified by the work He has ordained for us to

walk in.

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  1. I would like to tell my testimony of leaving and being delivered from the WOF Movement.

    My story sounds fantastical, but it is unfortunately true. I am a college graduate with a BS in Forensic Science. I graduated from a Big Ten College in the Midwest. I came out of school in the late 80’s and was born and raised Catholic. I went to Catholic Schools up to high school, and then went to a private public school you had to test to get into. Then went directly to college upon graduation.

    When I graduated, I returned to my hometown, Detroit MI and after briefly attending a Apostolic Church, I was sucked into or rather deceived into attending a large mega prosperity church that I now consider a Word of Faith cult.

    I was in the cult that requires that you give your social security number when you join and give tithes for 7 years. They claim that you have to give it because they have so many people with the same social security number that it is the only way to differentiate and give you proper credit for your charitable contributions. Naively, I gave it and have suffered identity fraud and stalking ever since.

    All while in the church, I was getting lewd sexual phone calls and death threats that I did not know who they were from. I had not dated anyone in the church, and found out it was the tele-evangelist after I left and sought to sue the church. I never sued, but did hire an attorney who contacted the tele-evangelist and asked if he wanted to settle. Because they were defaming me and causing me to lose jobs with gossip. And the gossip had started in the church which was one of the reasons why I left. The other was because of weird and unbiblical doctrine I was hearing coming out of the pulpit.

    The tele-evangelist incriminated himself by asking my attorney repeatedly if I also was going to sue him for telephone sexual harassment, when I never told my attorney about the phone calls. My attorney asked me about this and I told him that ever since I had been going to the church I had been getting lewd sexual and threatening phone calls and that only the church and my parents would get my unlisted phone number when I changed my number.
    I did not keep the messages, but taped over them after the Detroit Police refused to make a report. My attorney then lied and told the tele-evangelist I had kept the messages and that he would go to the media unless he would settle with us. The tele-evangelist called his bluff and stated that if I sued him he would destroy me and that he would put my mother on the witness stand and make her say all types of stuff about me (lies). My mother has been going to that cult for over 20 years and still attends!!! She is pretty gullible and in her late 80’s. He also stated that he would “crush me like a grape and make bad wine” amongst many other threats. I decided not to sue due to lack of evidence and moved out of state.

    Within 6 months in the new state that I moved to, I begin to receive harassing phone calls, vandalism to my cars, my apartments were illegally trespassed and burglarized and the same gossip I was hearing in Detroit MI that came from that WOF cult, I was hearing on my jobs.

    I went to the local police and the FBI to no avail. I had no evidence and had to get them on tape threatening my life over the phone for the FBI to make a report.

    So since 2000, when I left Detroit MI, I have suffered severe persecution from this WOF cult that I consider demoniac and satanic. When I was in that church, the tele-evangelist would teach that “Jesus was so rich He had a yacht.” “Jesus was so rich that is why He had Judas as His treasurer”. “Jesus was so rich that He wore designer clothes that is why the Roman soldiers fought over His garments at crucifixion.” And the craziest thing I heard that finally made me wake up and smell the coffee to leave was “Heaven is a planet. UFO’s that people see are really God’s angels”. “Because what Ezekiel described in his book in the first chapter, the wheel within a wheel was really a UFO!” None of this craziness is scriptural and I finally was motivated to leave.

    To date, I have lost over 50 jobs!!!! 50! I cannot use my degree. I have been a victim of a violent attack in 2004 which I believe they orchestrated which left me with over $30,000 in medical bills and the inability to walk for 1 year. In 2005, the tele-evangelist ran for public office. I went to the media and they wrote a unflattering story on the tele-evangelist and quoted Hank Hannegraaff who confirmed that the WOF Movement is a cult or cultic. He lost his bid for public office in which he invested $8 million dollars of his own money. This prompted this cultic tele-evangelist to stalk and persecute me harder. And in 2005, he sued me for $250,000 claiming that for over 10 years I had been making false police reports against him and his cult for stalking when I had not. I have never been arrested for making false police reports and told the truth.

    But unfortunately the harassment did not stop there. In 2010, the police detained, held and abused me in custody for taking a picture with my cell phone of a squad car near my house with its lights on. I thought it odd because it was a bright sunny day. So, I took a picture and was more than 80 yards away. It is not a crime to do so. So, I was chased down and put in handcuffs and lied on and abused severally in custody. I now have a federal lawsuit against the city I live in.

    What I have learned from all of this is that battle was never mine, but the Lord’s 2Chronicles 20:15.” Anyone coming out of the WOF Movement has been exposed to black witchcraft (which involves human and animal sacrifice), the worship of money and false demonic doctrines or Doctrines of Devils. (1Tim. 4:1).

    I have literally had to become an expert in spiritual warfare and have purchased many books to help me get delivered and understand what happened to me. The best books are: “Adversary” by Mark Bubeck; “Reclaiming Surrendered Ground” by Jim Logan and “Spiritual Warfare” by Dr. Karl Payne. There are also some really good prayers in Rev. Bill Schnoebelen’s book, “Lucifer Dethroned” on page 325, which is a “Renunciation Prayer Out of the Occult”. A really good website for prayers also is

    I continue to struggle to hold jobs even with a degree. I believe that this cult is trying to make me homeless, but I do not think God is going to let that happen. I appreciate all of your prayers and advice. I don’t have enough money or friends and family that will let me move in with them that live further away from Detroit, so I will just have to stay prayerful. I do a lot of fasting as well. And came upon a great book on doing a restrictive fast by Susan Gregory called “The Daniel Fast” which you eliminate sugar, dairy, meat, flavored drinks and processed foods.

    I believe that the Word of Faith Movement is witchcraft, because they purposely misinterpret and take scripture out of context and quote it to demand what they want from God which is riches, wealth, health and prosperity. I do not believe that the true God and Jesus Christ are against rich people, because Joseph of Arimathea was rich. And he was the one who purchased the sepulcher for Jesus to be laid in. But, I do not believe it should be the primary focus. And I also do not believe you can make yourself rich by quoting scriptures taken out of context. Neither can you receive healing this way. God is sovereign. And He can’t be made to do anything. He will not heal everyone. And He will not make everyone rich. Jesus said the “poor you will have with you always and any time you want to do good to them you can.” Matthew 26:11. So, that is stating by God that not everyone will be rich. But these WOF wolves purposely take scripture out of context and parade around in designer clothes and live in opulence and lie so that you can aspire to what they have through lust. And this is evil perverted doctrine.

    If you come out of the WOF cult, throw all their books, CD’s and tapes away. Don’t watch them on TV. And get rid of friends that still go there. Get the books I recommended and pray and renounce your involvement in this cult and ask God to forgive you for your ignorance and involvement in witchcraft. As quiet as it is kept, a lot of these prosperity ministers behind the scenes are leading sordid lives with mistresses and illegitimate children. And many are involved in occultic activities. This WOF tele-evangelist in Detroit has over 75 churches in Africa and spends a lot of time there. Africa is the ancient birthplace of witchcraft. And Black Witchcraft which involves the sacrifice of humans and animals is regularly practiced there with Voodoo, which is the most powerful and dangerous form of the occult.

    It is also good to pray at times between 12am and 4am. Because it is between these times that most Satanist and witches perform their magic and rituals with sacrifices. Pray that God sends legions of angels to disrupt their meetings and take those out of this world that He knows will never turn to Him. It is also advisable to pray during Full Moons and Satanic Holidays, like Halloween. That is also a time when Satanist and witches perform there rituals and cast spells. You can go to a lot of websites to find out when there are full moons every month like Also, Rev. Bill Schnoebelen lists all the Satanic Holidays in his book “Lucifer Dethroned” in the Appendix I.

    I pray that you stand and pray and stay strong. Satan cannot do anything to you unless God ordains it!!! Pray for strength and wisdom. And pray for me as I fight the good fight. It is a good fight, because good wins!

    1. Hi Janet,
      Thank you for having the courage to share your testimony with us.
      I pray that God will give you victory after victory against this work of satan and evil people.
      You are never alone.
      God bless you! 🙂

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