Church of Christ “Water-Witching”

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“The CoC performs a type of “water-witching” when it comes to baptism, by implying that one can channel Christ through water and cause Him to save by going through the baptismal formula. By believing one has to “contact the blood” in the water, one can easily be led into viewing baptism as a ritual similar to Catholic Mass, where a priest claims to “transubstantiate” or transform the physical elements of bread and wine into the actual body and blood of Jesus.
Although the CoC denies an actual physical contact with Jesus’ blood, and confesses that Catholic Mass is satanic, it’s doctrine of baptismal regeneration still dangerously implies the same kind of errors, which is one reason it’s headed back to Rome.”

Note: The CoC always uses Romans 6:3-4 to try to justify its blasphemous “contacting the blood in baptism” doctrine… even though these verses don’t even mention Jesus’ blood, which is so ironic, for the CoC claims to be “silent where Scripture is silent”!!

Copyright ©2019 by Lee Anne Ferguson.

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