Arminianism: A “Papist Plot”

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As a continuation of my last post, here is another very telling fact about Arminianisms wicked roots, which is available at: understanding-ministries.com from an article titled:

The Roots of Arminianism

Here author Paul Fahy states as follows:

“What is clear is that the progress of Arminianism is not due to the attraction of the ideas alone, but that, especially in England, Jesuit activity has encouraged and developed its progress. It is bad enough that Arminius took Pelagian ideas and revamped them to make them more attractive to Christians and to blur the edges between Protestants and Catholics. His teachings dishonour God’s sovereignty and cause people to shipwreck their faith. But for this to be part of a papist plot from the start shows the insidious and evil source of the whole issue. Modern believers who knowingly or unknowingly cling to Arminian theology (as most do) should be aware of the real roots of this deception. Without doubt the progress of Arminianism in Puritan England had a Jesuit root.” (Emphasis Mine)

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