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In the last article we saw how dominion theology goes to an ungodly extreme. So now let’s go over Ecumenism, which is how dominionists plan to pull off their agenda. Ecumenism is the belief that all “faiths” can unite in order to reach a common goal, whether it be for pro-life, addiction recovery, etc. It claims that all faiths are valid and that there are many ways to God, despite the fact that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me” (Jn.14:6).

So to get around this, ecumenists will often claim to believe in Jesus as Lord and will even say He’s the son of God. Yet, many don’t realize it’s not the Son of God the Bible portrays. For example, some religions believe Jesus became a son of God by doing good works. Some believe He was only a prophet or an angel (Heb. ch.1 totally refutes that idea). And some even leave whole Bible verses out of their translation in an attempt to hide the true nature of Jesus Christ, such as 1Tim.3:16 which says, “God was manifest in the flesh.”

Naturally, it’s easy to believe that Jesus (as a human) came in the flesh; all humans come in the flesh. Yet, to be able to also believe that Jesus AS GOD came in the flesh….now that takes enabling of the Holy Spirit! The Bible even warns that those who don’t believe this are of the spirit of antichrist (1Jn.4:3, 2Jn.7). And sometimes they’ll even say they believe it, but really be referring to their belief that everyone is a god in the flesh. This reminds me of when I unknowingly worked for an “interfaith” organization a few years ago, because they pretended to be Christian-based.

 At a meeting I asked the leaders (several different times) if they believed Jesus was God in the flesh and they refused to answer. They’d only say He was the son of God. And it became clear that the “son of God” they were talking about wasn’t the Jesus of the Bible, for they confessed their approval of other faiths, which believe in a different Jesus and a different gospel. And they said they’d allow these other faiths to spiritually counsel our clients. That’s when they told me they were ecumenical, which explained why so many bad things were slipping in. And that’s when I told them I could no longer in good conscience work there or support their ecumenical agenda.

If we’re going to be faithful Christians, we must “try the spirits” due to spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph.6:12, 1Jn.4:1). And we must even be willing to leave high positions for the sake of Christ. We need to know exactly what people mean by what they say. Because even though they use the same words, it means something totally different to other faiths. Not that we have to know all the cults beliefs, but we must know enough to be able to say along with Apostle Paul, “being crafty, I caught you with guile” (2Cor.12:16). In other words, we have to be able to expose wolves in sheep’s clothing and recognize counterfeits by studying what true Christianity really is according to God’s word.

Ecumenism blurs the lines of distinction by using methods that seem religiously neutral. Prime examples are mysticism and focus upon a “higher power.” And according to this view, it can be whatever you want it to be. So if you claim yours is Jesus, you’ll still be accepted—-BUT ONLY if you accept other peoples “higher power” too……even if it’s satan!! Because the devil doesn’t mind if you serve God as long as you serve him too.  But God says you have to choose one or the other (Mt.6:24, 1Cor.10:21, 2Cor.6:14-17).  

Many will call Jesus Lord and do good deeds, but He will say to them “I never knew you; depart from Me ye workers of iniquity” (Mt.7:22-23). So friend, the question is……do you know the true Savior, Jesus Christ? Do you worship Him in spirit and in truth? Or are you sacrificing truth on the altar of “unity of faiths,” instead of defending unity of THE faith (Eph.4: 5, 3, 13; 1Tim.3:9, 4:1)?

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PanTheism—-is on the rise!!


A few weeks ago I read an article in the local paper about the ionic footbath scam. Similar to the “foot pad” scam exposed by 20/20 in 2008, it has fooled many. One can only imagine how cheated many feel after spending tons of money to soak their feet in electrode corrosion. And it could happen to anyone, especially the sick and vulnerable ones who’ve been thru the wringer by the medical establishment. But having been there myself, I can honestly say, the biggest concern isn’t the money people are being duped out of…. but what they’re being duped into spiritually.
Thankfully God’s word is loaded with biblical insight into what we need to look out for. For instance, 1 Tim.6:20-21 helped break the spell in my own life by warning me that I should be “avoiding profane and vain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called; which some professing have erred concerning the faith.” Like evolution, I realized many “healing” therapies have no scientific evidence to back up their claims and prove to be fraudulent once they’re investigated. And these kinds of therapies would perfectly fit into the category of “curious arts,” which is mentioned in Acts 19:19.
So when we subject ourselves to these therapies, we’re actually buying into a false religious system that severely distorts and perverts the biblical concept of God! For instance, the healing philosophies behind many of them draw upon eastern religious beliefs, such as “The Universal Energy/ Life Force,” which is a pantheistic idol. Pantheism is the false belief that God is everything and in everything——rocks, trees, plants, people, the devil—- you name it.
Obviously God is NOT in everything and doesn’t approve of everything. He is omnipresent, yet transcendent and not part of His creation (1Kings 8:27, Psa.139:7-16, Acts 17:24-28). God is a personal Spirit being, not an impersonal “energy force.” He desires a relationship with us through His Son Jesus Christ who suffered, died and rose again so that sinners can receive His mercy and have eternal life. However, the devil loves to pose as an angel of light by getting people to believe “the energy” working behind certain therapies is God (2Cor.11:13-15).
So there’s no excuse for rebelling against God by getting involved in these therapies. Because Scripture has clearly warned us to avoid anything that could put us into contact with demons who work behind the scenes to try to make the philosophies behind certain practices seem true (Eph.5:11, 1Pet.5:8). They not only put one at risk financially, mentally and physically, but most importantly, spiritually. “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit” (Col.2:8). Even though “many shall follow their pernicious ways” try to remember that “through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you” (2Pet. 2:2-3).
And even if you’ve been deeply involved in these things, there’s still time to repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ alone. I’m living proof that He still continues to rescue His sheep from all the messes they get themselves into. There’s still so much to learn and we need Him to grant us the discernment to “abstain from all appearance of evil,” whether it concerns our health, finances, relationships or eternity (1Thess.5:22).
So please friend, don’t fall for the lies like I have so many times. I know how hard it is to resist false claims when you so desperately need healing. But “trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the Lord, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones” (Prov. 3:5-8).
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The Watered-Down Gospel

In the last article on Baptismal Regeneration (the water gospel), we explored some of its contradictions. So now, we’ll just briefly go over some of its assumptions, such as the thief on the cross “probably” getting baptized by John earlier. And the assumption that Jesus was “probably” preparing Nicodemus to be baptized after the New Covenant was established, because he was still alive after Jesus’ death (John 19:39). For these alone demonstrate how grasping for straws will occur whenever one tries to imply that baptism, or any other act, saves us. 

     Unless God’s word has convinced a sinner how badly sin corrupts, they won’t realize their desperate need for a Savior, and will be fooled into believing they can, by their own corrupt “free” will, choose salvation by doing something. In Gal.1:6-10 Paul warns that we need to be sure we believe the true gospel, not one that causes a fall from grace into work-righteous legalism. Adding requirements besides God’s grace, becomes works in disguise, which is why false doctrines are so tricky. Jesus’ blood didn’t just make His people “savable” depending upon their actions. His blood literally saves them, based on His work, His grace, His mercy, His will and His choice (John 1:13, Rom 9:16, 18, Heb. 9:12). 

     The true gospel is a call to faith in Jesus’ blood atonement on our behalf. Baptism is a pure act of obedience that God works in us to do, AFTER God purifies our hearts by faith (Acts 8:37, 15: 8-9; Phil 2:13). Yet, if we’re baptized in order to get saved, then it’s an impure, meaningless and defiled work of the flesh that God has no part in. An unregenerate act that attempts to appease God, instead of believing Jesus has already done that for us, becomes a witness against us. So unless God first purifies our hearts by faith, nothing we do will be pure in His sight (Tit.1:15). 

     In 1 Cor.1:17 Paul makes a clear distinction between the gospel and water baptism. And he says in 1 Cor. 1:14, 4:15 that he begot believers through the gospel, not thru baptism. Yet, if we go by the water gospel interpretation of 1Cor.1:14, Paul would be saying that he was thankful none of them were saved! Rom 6: 3-5 clearly says baptism is a “likeness” (figure) of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And we become children of God by faith in Him (Gal.3:26), then we can be buried with Him in baptism through this faith, which is the operation of God (Col.2:12). Once we’re born again by the Holy Spirit, through faith in Jesus’ blood on our behalf, we can then figuratively “put on Christ” in baptism (Gal.3:27). Just as we can put clothes on a baby AFTER it’s born.    

   The final fatal blow to Baptismal Regeneration is Gal. 1:12, where Paul says he didn’t receive the gospel from man. This ruins the water gospel interpretation of Acts 22:16, which claims Ananias gave Paul the gospel by telling him to be baptized to wash his sins away. The truth is that Ananias was asking Paul why he would wait to do this. Especially since he’d already received the gospel from Jesus in person and met the Lord who chose him (Acts 26:15,16) and acknowledged Christ as Lord (Acts 9:5) and had been delivered from the people and become a witness for Christ (Acts 26:16-17)and had his heart changed (Acts 9:6) and was no longer a persecutor, but a praying man (Acts 9:11) who had his eyes opened (Acts 9:18) and had been called by God’s grace and had Jesus revealed in him (Gal.1:11-16)! So naturally, AFTER all this, Paul would want to finally come clean before the people in the act of baptism, to signify that his sins had already been washed away by Jesus’ blood (Heb.9:22, 26)!! Who wouldn’t?  

   Baptism is a beautiful, symbolic sacrament to be once enjoyed by all who believe in the sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice, whereas those who say it’s a requirement for salvation, mar its beauty by implying His grace and His sacrifice wasn’t enough. So why put limits on God’s power? He’s still performing miracles today, every time someone is saved!! And remember friend, it’s not what we do that saves us, but who we have: “He who has the Son has life” (1 John 5:12).

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A False Gospel—called the “Water Gospel”

Many are believing what’s called Baptismal Regeneration, or the “water gospel,” (basically a “watered-down gospel”) where baptism is added as a requirement for salvation. But we must “try the spirits” behind this doctrine, as we’re commanded to do in 1John 4:1. And two signs of deceiving spirits are when “contradicting and blaspheming” of God’s word occur (Acts 13:45). For example, one may say it’s not our works that save us, but then turn around later and contradict themselves by saying faith and baptism are works we do to be saved.

I found another example recently in a “House to House” pamphlet (vol. 18) sent out by a local church. It claims the thief on the cross was saved without being baptized because he was still under the Mosaic Dispensation. Yet, their website contradicts this by claiming Jesus told Nicodemus (who was ironically also under the Mosaic Dispensation) that he must be born again by being water baptized (John 3:5). So we must ask, “Why the double standard?” Besides, baptism isn’t even mentioned here, which is embarrassingly ironic, for they claim to be “silent where Scripture is silent.” The context here and 1John 5:6-8, even make it obvious that Jesus was explaining the difference between natural and spiritual birth.

Scripture also reveals that saving faith is the means God uses to bring His sheep home. Even Mark 16:16 doesn’t say, “he who isn’t baptized will be damned,” but it does say, “he that doesn’t BELIEVE shall be damned.” Also in 1 Pet.3:20-21 Noah’s family was “saved by water” only in the sense that it was a figure of the true (Jesus Christ), for it symbolized His death, burial and resurrection, just as baptism does today. The water itself didn’t save, or else those outside the ark would’ve been saved. As Peter even says here, baptism itself can’t put away the filth of the flesh, for a symbol can’t purge a guilty conscience, it’s only an outward testimony of what’s already occurred inwardly. Baptism is a figure of the true, whereas faith is the substance (Heb.9:9, 14, 26; 11:1, 7).

Yet, promoting baptism as a requirement for salvation turns the one who “administers” the “requirement” into a human mediator, which is blasphemy. There’s only one mediator between God and men, Christ Jesus (1Tim.2:5). Only He can administer what’s necessary for our salvation (saving faith), for He obtained it and all other spiritual blessings that accompany salvation (repentance, obedience, etc.), so that those who are His don’t try to add their own works to the sufficiency of His sacrifice (Rom.8:32, Eph.1:3, 4:8, Phil.4:19).

Still, many go to great lengths to exalt man and his works, such as twisting Acts 2:38 to mean we’re baptized “in order to get,” remission of sins, rather than baptized “because” believers sins have already been remitted by the shedding of Jesus’ blood (Heb.9:22). Common sense even tells us that one doesn’t take medicine FOR a headache “in order to get” a headache. One takes medicine FOR a headache “because” they’ve already got one!

 Matt.3:11 uses the same Greek word in connection with baptism, as Acts 2:38. And clearly it can’t mean “in order to get” repentance, for John told the Pharisees they had to first “produce fruits worthy of repentance” like the Ethiopian, Saul, Cornelius, his family and thousands of others did in Acts, AFTER God had purified their hearts by faith (Acts 15:8-9), BEFORE they were baptized. Yet, if these verses meant baptism “obtains” remission of sins and repentance, then one would have to confess, no one needed that more than the Pharisees, yet John refused to baptize them! To be consistent with the “water gospel,” one would also have to confess that the Israelites were baptized “in order to get” Moses to be their leader, rather than “because” he’d already led them out of Egypt, for the same Greek preposition is used in conjunction with baptism in 1 Cor.10:2.

There are many more infallible, biblical proofs that Baptismal Regeneration is a false gospel, but may have to be covered in upcoming articles. Until then, just remember friend, Jesus didn’t shed His blood in vain. True believers don’t feel they have to make His blood effectual by doing something, for they simply trust that His blood atonement is effectual for those it was intended for, based on the effectual working of HIS power, not theirs (2Cor.4:7, Eph.3:7; Heb.13:12, 20, 21).

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