Christian Persecution in America Part 2

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It is crucial in the times we live in to understand what God’s Word says about obeying the governing authorities, and how we must not submit if it commands us to compromise our conscience and go along with what God forbids (e.g. Rom. 13).  It is also of equal importance to be biblically informed on how Christians need to be prepared for the severe persecution that is coming (and is already here for some of us) and how they will be falsely framed by those in authority, just like Jesus was. We’re to be prepared as sheep for the slaughter.

 We are not all going to go down in history, like John Bunyan, as noble Christians who suffered for the sake of Christ. We now live in worse times, for those who believe all they hear and see in the media will develop evil suspicions and will believe that true Christians are actual criminals.  Already true Christians are being called “domestic terrorists” by some governing officials that hate the God of the Bible.  And many are believing them!

True Christian persecution is not being portrayed in the news.  It is being silenced and censored.  Instead, heretics are being hailed as Christian martyrs, heretics that are haters and murderers of true Christians! The corrupt, ecumenical Voice of the Martyrs organization has been doing this for years.

God’s people need to be warned from American pulpits that they should not believe all they see in the mainstream media, which is constant propaganda to deceive people.  Better yet, they should be encouraged to get away from all of that filth and back to reading and believing the Bible.  Only then will they be able to discern that true, honest, investigative reporters were purged from the mainstream media years ago. The talking heads that have taken their place are sold out puppets of a false political narrative and Luciferian agenda. 

Let’s get back to basics.  We don’t have to be informed by an addictive black box.  We need to depend solely upon God and His Word, so that we can stand against these wiles of the devil.

I grieve that I ever allowed my children to be fed into the mouth of Molech, through the public school system, false religion and media indoctrination. I cannot change the past, but according to Scripture, I can redeem the time and take a stand now against what is so manifestly evil (Eph. 5:16).

Considering all of the strong, delusional distractions and distortions of mind that we have going on today, one can only imagine what those godly men from the 1600’s would think about our current conditions, when even then it was determined that God’s impending judgement upon churches and nations was close at hand. For instance, Puritan John Owens had this to say:

“Some are so well pleased with their present advantages, in promotions, dignities, and wealth, as their interest, that they cannot endure to think of these things. Whatever warnings are portended of approaching judgments, they look on them as the threatenings of such as have ill-will against them, and would have these things to portend their trouble. Guilt makes them fearful and sensible, and they think it best to hide those things from themselves, which, if they are so, they cannot remedy.

Take heed of vain confidences. Men are apt, in such seasons, to fix on one thing or other, wherewith they relieve and support themselves; and there is not any thing that is more effectual to keep them off from this duty and the frame of spirit which is required in them. If you speak with any man almost, you may, with a little heed, discover wherein his confidence doth lie, and what it is that he trusts unto. But, saith the prophet unto such persons, “The Lord hath rejected thy confidences, and thou shalt not prosper in them,” Jer. ii. 37.

See: https://ccel.org/ccel/owen/sermons/sermons.ii.xvi.iv.html

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