The “Church” of Christ: A Prison of Performance

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Like most Arminian sects, the CoC put human logic on par with God’s divine decrees, which created a prison of performance, where our religious identity became heavily shackled to a man-made system. As a deadly consequence, disobeying the CoC system became equal to disobeying God; the same pit Romanism leads to, and what Paul warned about (Col. 2:22).

      No wonder Jesus described this kind of nonsense as “straining at a nat and swallowing a camel” (Mt. 23:24), for it leads to eating and drinking damnation to one’s own soul (1 Cor. 11:29-30).  One can only imagine just how guilty the CoC may be of the body and blood of Christ, by implementing a system that displaces and distorts the truth concerning Jesus’ body and blood, insults the Spirit of grace, and replaces His gospel with non-essential assumptions and commandments of men that are hostile to the gospel.

     The irony was that the most crucial aspect of salvation, which is saving faith (in the true Christ of Scripture) being a gift from God apart from any human effort, was replaced with disputable things, which dishonored the name of Christ, and eclipsed the biblical view of the gospel. No wonder Romans 14 strongly warns against making disputable things essential to salvation!  In Jesus Christ there are no “doubtful disputations.”

Copyright ©2019 by Lee Anne Ferguson.

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